МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ: Stars With The Most Ridiculous Daily Routines 2021

It’s no secret that successful people know how to manage their time well, but no two celebrities appear to have exactly the same daily routines. Some of these folks are ridiculously early risers, while others have a more relaxed approach to budgeting their time and energy. There’s also a lot of variety when it comes to independence. For example, some celebrities need a whole staff of people to help them hit their goals, while others fly solo – keeping appointments, managing nutrition, and finding work/life balance. Strong time management skills might not be the key to wealth and fame, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Here are the stars with the most ridiculous daily routines.

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Mark Wahlberg | 0:00
Barack Obama | 2:12
Orlando Bloom | 3:26
Dwayne Johnson | 4:54
Kim Kardashian | 6:36
Oprah Winfrey | 7:59
Tim Cook | 9:25
Martha Stewart | 10:27

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  1. Do you think any of these routines are too much?

  2. I don’t want to be a troll, but I don’t know if Orlando Bloom’s holistic rutein is working…I wouldn’t have recognized him!
    Is this just me?? Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen him much in more recent years?

  3. Mark wakes up at 2:30am and goes to bed at 7:30pm? No thanks. Lol

  4. This is not true kim said she eats plant based

  5. Orlando Bloom 🙄🙄🙄 lmao

  6. Can't stand Oprah or Obama

  7. OMG! Millennials! Gotta copy hippies with a side of Narcissism. Because Millennials are not original.

  8. I think I will have a lie down now, I am exhausted after hearing Mark Wahlberg workout and eating routine!

  9. My ridiculous daily routine is waking up at 8:00 a.m. breakfast consists of tea, bread or sweet potatoes (gwache), YouTube, lunch at 1:00 p.m. then more YouTube until 10:)) p.m. sleep.

  10. Very freaking cool 😎

  11. I'm moving to Rumble. YouTube cancels people for unpopular ideas. I've had enough. I've always enjoyed the free exchange of ideas and always will.

  12. It has to be nice,to have coaches,lots of cash and nutritionists and people to help you out…

  13. No no talent kardashians…… sud go away…now

  14. I am tired of her liver lips. Move on, everyone.

  15. Would love to see how many of these rituals they would be able to maintain if they had regular 9 to 5 jobs without personal chefs & trainers. Seriously…a mother of 3 who has time to take an hour long bath every day? 🤔 (yes, I'm feeling particularly b!tchy & a little envious today!)

  16. I wake up at 5am, I always have. My daughter is an early riser to she gets up sometimes between 5:30 and 6.

  17. I'm just grateful my Dad isn't Orlando Bloom.

  18. Must be nice to be able to have whatever type of day you want.

  19. Funny OW get so much exercise yet she is way over weight.

  20. They can afford it I guess🤣 first🤣

  21. Kim is GORGEOUS but she better stop with the fillers n botox or shes going to look cartoonish in a few years smh

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