IT НОВОСТИ: When Trump Doesn't Like The News, He Interrupts It 2021

Shortly after one of the guests disagreed with the President’s weaponization of tariffs, a cable news show received an on-air call from you-know-who. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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22 комментария
  1. He carved him up so good. Tramp makes it easy tho. Lol

  2. "they were so against me"

  3. What a Moran! And proud of it!
    Chump funk!

  4. Why does Donald Trump have TGIF written on all his shoes? To remind him that his "toes go in first".

  5. Nailed it with the shoebiz bit!!! Very funny stuff

  6. No he don't like it for the same reason Obama don't like it; too many clowns

  7. It’s so pathetic how this clown and his writers have only their hatred of our president to attempt a joke. It is ridiculous. What or who will he use if Trump doesn’t pull the win out. I just don’t find hatred that funny.

  8. I’m from the future.

    Biden will be your next president in 2020.

  9. It is like the cycle of stupid. Trump tweets stupid things. The goons at Fox use his tweets as talking point. Trump saw it on TV, then he retweet what Fox said about his tweet.

  10. He should let Baron educate him.

  11. Flash back to when there was an audience.

  12. I’m watching this episode during the COVID-19 lockdown on planet earth 🌍 & I miss the presence of audience very much 🥺

  13. Trump knows all about shoo-biz: "Go away, go away. I don't know. I don't want to answer that question. It's Obama's fault. It's the Dems' fault. I had nothing to do with it. Okay, press conference is over." Mic is still on, though, and he's heard to mutter: "Stupid idiots. Why don't they just leave me alone? I didn't do anything wrong. Everything I do is perfect."

  14. You know! Shoebiz, there's no business like it!

  15. I see the trump has millions of followers: don't make the mistake of thinking they are all fans of trumpton! I follow him because I can't quite believe what I read about him and want to see the source. 🤣

  16. Clinton One Nevada in 2016

  17. Ya know what if you mention God no body wants to say shit

  18. Little hans , little mushroom , More Aderall and more Adult Diapers , Melania must be really sad from impotence !!!

  19. You can bet trumps Twitter following is ninty percent Russian bots. And ninty percent of whats left are national and international authorities recording all his self incriminating statements! He doesn't have sixty million people that adore him. Maybe Eric adores him. Maybe! Everything else is a contrivance to his vanity, making him a useful idiot to someone. If we could just figure out who wants to dethrone America ? Besides China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, NoKo, and lil (idiot) donnie. Who could it be? ( The Senate?….No…..!!)

  20. Trump has to have spellchecker off otherwise none of these "errors" would happen

  21. There's no business like shoe business…..

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