IT НОВОСТИ: UK Reacts To News Concerning Sabo As It spreads Around The World 2021

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Episode 957

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  1. Listen man, Oda you took Ace 🤦🏾‍♂️ If you take Sabo too I’m going to flip something bro, chill out.

  2. Cobra got killed the king , they take vivi & sabo either captured or is being framed of some sort

  3. No worries for getting spoiled anime only viewers. Even us reading the manga haven't found out what happened yet…

  4. is it just me or khan has changed for the last couple of years i mean if we take a look at his past reactions on one piece we can see that something is different let's compare khan back then and now khan now doesn't really show any emotion except for getting hyped up but sadder story khan just don't cry nowadays

  5. This.guy is an utter godsend i swear.

  6. Greatest OP Reactor of all time

  7. Who was sabo with at the revierie? Dont tell me he took on everyone by himself and die

  8. It should be obvious that Sabo isnt dead BUT the news probably stated that Sabo will be executed. Morgans scene CONFIRMED that he don't want to make a lie about that certain info to go around when offered to change it by the CP0 guy.

    Which tells me that in order for him to be executed something must have happened, he probably tried saving Kuma just to find out that Kuma cant be saved which made him angry, which lead him to goal attack a/the Celestial Dragon/s.

    Lucci stepped in, both fought and Sabo won, another Celestial Dragon took Vivi as a hostage and told Sabo to stop resisting or Vivi will die, Kobra saw that and tried to save Vivi, Lucci kills Kobra. The World Government blames Sabo for Kobras death and that is where we are right now.

  9. "WhathappenedtoSabu?"

  10. Blackbeard saying "let's set sail, instead of letting the navy get it, I'll take it for myself" that was after he read the news..maybe about Sabo? so…is he after Sabo's DF?

  11. Sabo deeeeefinitely ain't dead, bro. You think we'd get this news right after that Morgans scene? Obviously it's cap.

  12. im guessing cobra died, sabo framed, marineford 2?

  13. I think that Sabo got caught and Luffy will raid Impel Down again and this time beat Magellan and free Bon Clay too. Also, I think that Alabasta got removed from the World Government since they have Pluton and they are not giving it to the WG.
    Edit: I think that after saving Sabo, they will bring Alabasta under their control or they will claim it as their territory.

  14. is Blackbeard talking about taking Sabo's devil fruit ?

  15. Nice solo was just found out he was alive he just got the flare flare fruit like he just stay alive and do a couple of battles please can you hang out with the straw hats for a little while I can't do this don't do this don't take him for us

  16. When they said that, it just hurt

  17. Oda would never kill Ace introduce Sabo and kill him off screen ^^

  18. I'm guessing Sabo freed Kuma and instead took his place as a celestial dragons slave. That's the only possible thing I could think of or maybe he killed a celestial dragon and that triggers a new war.

  19. Doflamingo after getting imprisoned is just reading one piece in the papers with us lmfao

  20. Man I really hope Sabo isn't dead

  21. Yo 959 is gonna be the best lmao

  22. This guy will destroy hes chair next two eps

  23. Bro when are we gonna find out what happened to sabo it’s been too long

  24. Warlords abolished and ending of the ep next pls

  25. Does this guy have his own yt channel ?

  26. You know Wano’s arc is hype and all but after Wano it’s gonna be so much more hype OMG

  27. Also there is nothing TO spoil, even Manga readers have NO IDEA what happened to Sabo. We are still Mid raid.

  28. Also there is nothing TO spoil, even Manga readers have NO IDEA what happened to Sabo. We are still Mid raid.

  29. A man can’t make a mistake apparently..content creators aren’t human and need to be perfect apparently..the shit was already addressed..people who are still upset are acting like children..move the fuck on

  30. I bet Vivi was either killed or captured but who ever captured her said that Sabo killed her, ending up causing Sabo's capture.

  31. No way he's dead, Oda wouldn't kill him off the pages

  32. The news paper either said Sabo was killed/executed but we know they lyin. They wouldn't have that type of reaction if he was just captured.

  33. Khan baby get some sound proof walls from Amazon. Pass it on

  34. Doflamingo's line at 2:14 is all the One Piece fanbase in a nutshell

  35. Lmao poor khan couldn’t stay quiet even tho he was trying to hard

  36. The title change 😂😂

  37. Hey bro you really spoiled Khan man.. Please be discreet with your titles.

    Still I love your content

  38. Solar you got to step up your game let's not spoil Khan anymore

  39. that SABO! at 2:07 was phenomenal

  40. That’s the kind of reaction I want to see 😂😂😂

  41. King Cobra died, and they accused Sabo of doing it, so they can fight against The revolutionary army without lifting a finger. I assume the one who killed King Cobra was Rob lucci

  42. I'm so salty that you spoiled Khan

  43. Thx for spoilering uzumaki khan. U have broken the one and only rule

  44. i think its about king cobras death. they are framing sabo for it. maybe they announce the public execution of sabo in order lure out the revolutionaries and luffy

  45. 1:13

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