The global devs have just announced new absolutely massive freebies!

The future looks bright with banners like Endeavor, Aizawa, Dabi, Stain, Toga, Shigaraki & More! This game already has an all star roster with Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Momo & All Might. Stay tuned for more news regarding more game details, the exact release date for global and upcoming characters!

Here we go with a new My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero video! Let me know if y’all want to see some more of MHA The Strongest Hero! Like and Subscribe with Notis On if you enjoyed this MHA TSH video!


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  1. What song is the intro?

  2. Hey man I have a question. When I go into PvP, my BP says 43k, but on the home screen, it saya I have 50k. Any idea why this is?

    Also, love your videos, they are extremely helpful

  3. Ngl used the ticket by accident on the bakugo banner and got him so not gonna complain

  4. GoGo if you want people to join your alliance your going to need to accept the applications!!!

  5. Look I love the freebies but it’s literally hush money! They need to fix the problems with stamina still and the hero coins is just abysmal! Like totally meme worthy!
    I love the game so much but I’m very worried for it’s future! If they don’t fix the stamina properly and give us a good amount of free coins daily I will be bouncing personally and I would consider myself a medium whale too!

  6. The tickets are nice but they're just a band aid. Can't cut them some slack until they provide a solution to the HC problem

  7. Did you forget me??? I'm here again and Jesus you already have 11k congrats

  8. So the tickets don't have an expiry time?

  9. 0:05 I MADE IT INTO A VIDEO!!! Behind him to the left you can see me 😂

  10. I pulled momo I re rolled ok then I got bokugo from a 1 free pull then I saved up 10 tickets and I got momo agen I whanted tokoyami but momo is momo

  11. This gift is enough to buy back my attention for some time

  12. this is the best free rewards they gave yet

  13. Nooo I spent money on the game and I didnt get Aizawa or All Might..and I dont want Endeavour so may not even play anymore

  14. I mean if this game loose more players they might give out 30 or more multis like what other gacha game did lol

  15. After bakugo its todoroki

  16. I am soo happy reroll and got Todoroki

  17. What is the song playing with the three dudes dancing?

  18. Why do you think Endeavor is next? Why not stain, or shiguraki?

  19. They basically just gave away 2.5k hero coins. They are getting more generous

  20. Guys, spend the tickets on bakugo. SSS bakugo is God tier 😀

  21. Damn, event recruit tickets!! Holy fuck

  22. Aww.. I would of used those for All Might banner but meh, that’s still cool of them for giving us premium tickets, I’ll take it!

  23. They are stepping into the right direction. Step by step. Even if they arent big, but at least we get some progress. The biggest step(for the moment)in the right direction would be like 10 Aizawa shards or even a Aizawa banner, to get shards.

  24. Can't wait to get my B hero 😂

  25. Guess I'll get my stain

  26. Had to sub man, always on time with the updates and game news. Keep up the good work brother!

  27. I got all might on a single on my lvl 17 acc before the banner left yesterday 😭😭😭😭

  28. 91/100 All Might pity, he's gone and now they give a ten pull xD Very nice rewards anyway, good stuff!

  29. gonna have to unsub if this continues to be only about MHA and no longer about anime in general… :<

  30. instead i got a free bakugo

  31. I got 72 pity on all Might banner defo getting endavor

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