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  1. Your place is looking great Anthony 👍

  2. property looks good and I am glad that u got your duck back.

  3. The long view of your property is amazing. What a great place to live with.

  4. Gangsta duck runs theses Street. Snoop ducky duck.

  5. Oh my God 3 villa
    How many sq meter is your whole lot

  6. I have Ducks they never fly away I give them their favorite food to eat quackers hahaha love the yard and the video

  7. That silly duck, Sammy caught him lol! The grass is looking great Anthony will be nice ti see it fill in!

  8. Hi Anthony and lyn an kayla and baby thea .everything looks good. Great to see mr ducky is back great to see she/he is back again . Heheheheee cheeky duck .goes wondering and touring around the back blocked of anda bohol heheheheee looking for a stray r. Heheheheee .what grass is that you have layed down Anthony. It will do well in the coming months.the place looks great Anthony and lyn.
    Wishing you all the best love scott
    Arlene and baby cj.xxxxx
    Scott expat in the philippines

  9. Glad for you and the girls and thankful for Sami in getting back their duck. Reuniting with a member of the family is a happy occassion.

  10. I'm glad you have your duck back dirty clipped wings and all.

  11. I think the duck wanna to take bath…..tho🤣

  12. Hello always watchingv

  13. You chased the duck away from the steps the last time. I guess you hurt his feelings so he flew away 😉

  14. Hello, Good morning Anthony, Lyn, and Thea, Kyla, keep safe always and have a great day, Godbless

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