IT НОВОСТИ: Aviation | Analyst say it's not good news for SA 2021

United Airlines has returned to South Africa after a two-year break. It’s started its direct service from New York to Johannesburg. The flight into Johannesburg landed earlier. The tourism and transport ministers were there with US envoys to welcome the inaugural flight but aviation analyst Phutego Mojapele says this is not really good news for SA. Courtesy #DStv403

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  1. He meant United is a rich airline with deep pocket not middle east airlines ,why she brought up middle east airlines

  2. What an incredibly stupid analyst; are foreign airlines supposed to wait for SAA to get back into the market whenever that might be? Should we just forgo the Dollar based tourism until useless, bankvrot SAA comes back if ever.

  3. Yes, we all agree with the failure of SAA. Once a potentialy great airline with huge possibilities of expansion, which crashed itself into the aviation industry. What lost opportunities fr future careers and jobs. I say INCREASE foreign airline slots into SA in order to support the tourism industry jobs with their foreign currency. SAA is dead, we need to stop flogging a dead donkey. Unless a local entrepreneur can come up with a very expensive plan, our aviation industry is beyond repair

  4. Tax payers have not spent a cent. The overlords have taken tax payers money and thrown it away. Employing their incompetent compatriots and enriching the connected cadres. Incompetence, corruption and racism are the issue.However it's the foreigners that are the problem in their books. Idiots !

  5. Basically he wants us to legislate the country into being competitive

  6. Our tourism industry has folded and you have the nerve to worry about SAA.
    The taxpayers never wanted to bail out SAA. They would have preferred the money was spent on infrastructure

  7. This guy has no clue about business. He wants to limit the foreign airlines — these foreign airlines provide us with a better quality service than SAA.

  8. The ANC have made very poor choices, the funding of ANC cadre corruption has killed SAA….

  9. ANC bankrupts anything they touch. I will never fly SAA

  10. ANC why don t you TRUST our PEOPLE?? WHY do you GIVE IMPORTANT STATE ASSET jobs to Your inexperienced MEMBERS !! ie TRANSPORT/POLICE/IMMIGRATION/INFRASTRUCTURE/EDUCATION and DEFENCE they might have some ACADEMIC qualification BUT not the EXPERTISE and MANAGEMENT Skills, May you try A new APROACH!! stop DEPLOYING Cadres!! We are a MATURE Country!! NOT a (Liberation Movement) SELECT from GENERAL SOUTH AFRICAN NATIVE POPULATION like you did with Eskom, AFTER all THIS is OUR COUNTRY we BUILT IT not the ANC, .Enough is Enough

  11. Despite all the economic crisis, this is still a good time to start up your investment

  12. Great video! Check out James Asquith's youtube channel where he spoke about SA for been one of his best places. His aviation videos are so funny.

  13. Well let's give SAA ANOTHER 3 trillion RANDS. SA airways another great way to steal taxpayers money.

  14. Self inflicted wounds I must say

  15. Well, at least now we can fly safely to the USA….No one in his right mind will ever again fly SAA…

  16. If government can't get its act together. Then don't cry! ( tax payers have paid to reinstated saa) saa is a failed government enterprise. Time to step aside all you incompetent government employees

  17. Well the back drop with the 2 flags and the 2 info boards should your be your answer. If that is the standard of the 2 info boards as advertisement, then imagine the aircraft and the controls.

  18. Lol SAA dug its own grave to little to late now. Stupid pricks

  19. Huge demand for SAA pilots and instructors worldwide.

  20. Aaag get out of here sir . Where have you been for the past ten years

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