ДИЗАЙН: Is it a good design? — Xtrfy Mz1 Zy’S Rail Teardown 2021

This is how to take apart the Xtrfy Mz1 Zy’S Rail so we can take a closer look at how it’s built. Check out the 49g Featherlight Logitech G Pro X Superlight @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr1tpejHCgQ&list=PLfd7fPKFiRfIzZVqxMHqyH5y23iG357b9

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00:00 — Intro
00:47 — Stock Weight
00:51 — Teardown Begins
02:45 — Cable Removal / Compare
03:31 — Teardown Continues
04:07 — PCB Look
04:25 — Scroll Wheel
05:06 — Encoder
05:55 — PCB Measurements
06:11 — Top Sheel look / Side Switches
07:14 — DPI button
07:57 — Side button mounting
08:26 — Thoughts on the design
08:56 — Rear panel
09:26 — Thoughts on the side grip design
09:40 — Removing main buttons
09:59 — RGB defusers thoughts / teardown
11:40 — RJN Logo
11:52 — Top shell look
12:02 — MZ1 laid Out

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  1. The scroll encoder is too soft for my linking any tips where I can find something more tactile ??

  2. Hey Bob, do you think that the XM1 and MZ1 scroll wheels would be interchangable? XM1 is nearly half the weight of the MZ1's. I had a look at your measurements in the XM1 vid but you measured different dimensions 🙁

  3. damn 5.77 grams for the back panel nice.. i removed it.. was way too much in the way for my fingertyp grip..

  4. Can you do a weight reduction on the SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless?

  5. What do you think about the Delux M800DB 3335 version? A lot of people have been saying that its good for the price but would you recommend a mouse like that?

  6. Hi, I'm just binge watching some of your vids, is there any way I can Change my razer viper mini and make the clicks really quiet?

  7. which one more
    consistent between tuger and hotline comp for g pro wireless?

  8. When are you going to make a weight reduction video about it? Just ordered mine! 🙂

  9. Can you show me how change razer vaiper mini mouse switches ? Please

  10. Hey! , i bought razer viper mini what best firmware version to install to fix the lod issue?

  11. I I change my switches on a mouse so I need a rosin sounder or flux or can I just use normal sauder

  12. still waiting for that delux m800 weight reduction 🙂 keep pumping out this amazing content man!

  13. Possibly update video on gpx corepads? Would be nice to know if their qc and thicness matches the advertised now =)

  14. It's not dirty it's coated in a conformal coating. Probably silicon or urethane for water protection. I don't know what they used but, I know they used something because it literally lists it as a feature on their website.

  15. Hello I just discovered this channel and for some time if’ve been asking myself a question about modding Mice and I think here I might find an answer. I own an ROG Spatha (yes I know a very heavy mouse but since I’m playing with a fairly high sensitivity I quite like it) but one thing could be better and that is the Charging and so I was wondering if it would be possible to mod the receiver of a Corsair Powerplay Mice into other non Corsair Mice so that I could charge an non Corsair mouse with a powerplay mousepad (sry if I just didn’t find the Video were this was answered)

  16. YAYYYY
    I've been waiting for this

  17. To bad the hump placement didn't work for my fingertip grip 🙁 alternate hump shells and flatter sides would be nice

  18. Will you be doing a teardown of a Roccat Kone Pro Air?

  19. are you kay? ur voice sounds kinda sick

    and not in a good way

  20. Nice work as always Bob!

  21. Any chance to see a Pwnage ergo lightweight mod? Id love to follow along 🙂

  22. the black plastics at 11:40 are to stop LED light bleed.

  23. has the weight reduction fixed the issue with the mouse being a bit front heavy?

  24. What do you think about the pulsefire haste from HyperX?

  25. I don't know why but it was very hard to hear what you were saying.

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