IT НОВОСТИ: Good News for #Non #Resident #Taxpayers & #IT #Freelancers in #Pakistan|TaxDosti Reporting|8-06-2021 2021

Today’s Business Topic|#Taxability of #Foreign #Remittance|

What, You Should Learn From This Video:
1. If you are a genuine non-resident earning outside Pakistan, your foreign remittance sent to Pakistan is not taxable.
2. If you are a genuine IT freelancer earning export income, foreign remittances sent by your clients are eligible for 100 tax credits in Pakistan.

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An informative talk on video by Mr. Anthony Williams, Business Coach, Pakistan,
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especially for Pakistani Youth.

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  1. good informative video Mr. Anthony 👍

  2. Great vide, please keep us posted on Tax credit thing. For e.g how to filing after this tax credit law

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