IT НОВОСТИ: EU stops Belarus flights, sanctions individuals: Will it hurt Lukashenko? | DW News 2021

European Union leaders have announced sanctions for Belarus after it forcibly diverted a Ryanair flight, and arrested of a dissident journalist. The measures were agreed upon at a summit in Brussels.
Member states decided to take the following steps:
Belarusian airlines will be banned from using EU airspace and airports
Economic sanctions and travel restrictions will be imposed on a number of individuals linked to the plane’s diversion
And a 3 billion euro EU investment package for Belarus will remain on hold
The European Council is demanding the immediate release of detained journalist Roman Protasevich. His supporters fear for his safety.


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  1. It is terrible
    In European country they attack regular flight with army airplane 😂

  2. And as for the removal of Roman and the girlfriend from the plane, each and every country has its laws. And in belarus hes a wanted man. Would any country allow a wanted man to leave?? Dont think so

  3. As for involvement by russia. International law requires proof not speculation. And given the fact yesterday another ryan air flying from Dublin to Poland received a bomb threat and was forced to divert to Berlin backs up the bomb threat stated by belarusian gov

  4. Grounding Belavia airlines is victimizing 9.5 mill belarusian people and not those responsable. The eu and others play god with innocent peoples lives and confine them to belarus. The freedom to travel is an inherrant right of everyone. Sanction those responsable not the innocent! As for release of Roman it wont happen!! So EU and UK lift your fly ban and target state enterprises and not the people

  5. EU has no moral high grounds. It was funding ISIS, aiding the massacre of Yemenis, ignored the killing of Khasoggi and many more. EU is just another barbaric organization.

  6. Germany is an occupied country , this nation is not in a position to discuss freedoms and sovreignty issues !

  7. The EU should close the borders, cut all lines of Infrastructure, send in troops to the region.

  8. While there was no international investigation to make any statements from the European Union and to impose any sanctions prematurely!
    The European Union has become a hotbed of lawlessness!

  9. In fact , "Power" is one type of addictive substances as well.
    Power-Addiction is common and scary !

  10. He is considered an fascist trouble maker by the bulk of Byelorussians who are very conservative people.

  11. Banning a national carrier is illegal under international law and EU is guilty of state sponsored terrorism.

  12. Without very STRONG economic sanctions, there will be no results from the dictator Lukashenko. Anyone doing business with Belarusian state companies and companies owned by dictator Lukashenko's circle must be banned from doing business with European and US companies. Putin is currently trying the west's response, if the response is mild, he will go further in the Ukrainian front and probably make new fronts in the Baltics.

  13. SANCTION. U. K,,






  14. Hey you❗ Governments of the West❗ You own citizens are watching in disbelief how your priorities center around 1 arrested man, but completely ignore hundreds of murdered in Gaza❗
    Hey you❗ Citizens of the West❗ Stay tuned and keep watching how low all of your governments go❗

  15. Stop Pushing Your Luck. My message to Western Countries.

  16. the western countries should not interfere in other countries affairs and policies.

  17. Sanctions have not brought down N.korea regime , I very much doubt if EU sanctions will achieve anything as far as Belarus is concerned. They should have plan B, to invade the country and change the government. That will make sense.

  18. While we are right to point out argumentum ad hominem which is indeed a logical fallacy, what is of valid concern is how Europe handles the situation. I say people are right in pointing out European hypocrisy and inconsistent application of the law. For the sake of argument, we grant that the regime in Belarus is a bad one, but how can we just pronounce Lukashenko guilty of hijacking a civilian plane even before an official investigation is carried out? Von der Leyen and other leaders already twitted he is guilty. They are already pushing for sanctions. Raab is already saying Russia is involved and the UK is planning to sanction Nord Stream 2. They all sound so sure of what they say. This is indeed bad behaviour. Europe is losing credibility.


  20. How weak you must be to feel threatened by a child.

  21. Evo Morales ex-president of Bolivia was forced by NATO-US to land the plane in Austria. The CIA thought that Edward Snowden was on the plane. There was not sanction against NATO-US or the EUROPEAN vassals. Assange was illigally detained in the Equadorian Eambassy for years and the English regime was not sanctioned for human rights violations. Saudy Arabia assasinated Kassogy in the Embassy and there were not sanctions agains Saudi Arabia…..Why not?

  22. The gender gang in action

  23. Ambassadors and representations out of all EU countries until he is returned with his partner and heard by an EU court to find out what really is going on. If we allow a plane to be forced down this time, it will only be the start and it will be standard EU citizens, who are not activists, next time, sanctions are laughable. Energy and other contracts need to be put on ice immediately as well. Banks can freeze funds in seconds internationally with ease and long-term there is a solution. Looks like someone is trying to cause havoc in the world. Let history not repeat itself. We can't let this happen and I am so sorry for the decent people in their home country who have to deal with such a regime.

  24. Makes you wonder if it´s safe commenting on youtube

  25. Please just stop Sofia being with Roman. Go to the west Sofia!

  26. Last European dictator need to be punished

  27. Wow, look at all of those bruises! Is that also a broken nose?
    Freedom of the Press, is something an Authoritarian Fascist cannot have.

  28. Don't do the crime if u can't do the time it's his own fault flying close to where his wanted not smart

  29. Can anyone see the bruises on his face? Looks like they tried to cover them up with makeup :-/

  30. We all know what happens with prisoners of regimes, it never ends up well. One thing is clear, the communist cowboy is playing big shot, cuz he's got his back by his "stalin wanna be" friend, while EU goes by it's favorite "be nice". All the planets must align for this boy to be released. Regimes don't play by this rule.If something happens to him, it will be on EU and the US.

  31. Don't mess with Lukashencko ❗, ❗🙈

  32. Remember the Bolivian plane forced down in Vienna, then being illegally searched looking for Snowden? Pepperidge Farms Remembers.

  33. Oh Sanctions!! Ouch. The Belarus Dictator with Putin's support must be scared out of his mind about these sancions. Should come grovelling to EU any day now.

  34. Well, he confessed. Therefore, be quiet and stop making a drama out of this.

  35. Julian Assange's arrest is fine, when they don't want an arrest it's bad!

  36. Calling for strictest response possible. Action: Nothing (except for telling airlines: “It’s dangerous so don’t do it anymore.”) What a loser.

  37. If it would have been a US airliner or a Chinese or Russian one in another geography, they would march in. Europe throws the word "unacceptable" in many different languages, bars a miniature airline from flying West and stops the kids of a few regime members from studying in England (or do they?)…
    Message to the villains all around the world?
    As long as you don't mess with the interests of the 2-3 big guys, you can do whatever you want.

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