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Hello dear friends,
It’s time to talk about upcoming luxury beauty releases 😊 There is so much going on in the beauty world that it’s hard to keep up so I would very much appreciate your input. Let me know in the comments below which products should I buy and what you would like me to review. This always helps me a lot.
I forgot to mention the upcoming Dior Nude Luminizers: I will buy a few to review and compare because I am a huge fan of Dior’s highlighters. Also, I purchased the new Guerlain bronzer so stay tuned! Review is coming soon…
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Chanel Les Beiges 2021 makeup collection
Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate
Chanel Sublimage La Brume
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New Lisa Eldrige Collection
Chantecaille purifying and exfoliating phytoactive solution
Chanel Summer 2021 makeup collection
New Chanel eyeliners 7 shades
Valentino makeup line
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Chanel Tinted Moisturizer in light (Chanel); (Nordstrom); (Saks); (Selfridges);
Sisley Loose Powder 3 (Nordstrom); (Saks); (Beautylish); (Selfridges);
*I don’t wear concealer in this video
Chanel Blush Spring 2021 Fleurs de Printemps (Chanel); (Saks Fifth Avenue); (Nordstrom);
Guerlain highlighter

Chanel Blush Spring 2021 Fleurs de Printemps (Chanel); (Saks Fifth Avenue); (Nordstrom);
Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Blushed Beauty palette (US); (UK);
Chanel eyeliner 943 (Chanel);
YSL the curler

Chanel liquid lipstick 64

Chantecaille Flower Power Summer 2021 makeup collection
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Chantecaille Rose De Mai Rosewater Review
Guerlain 3 in one Meteorites highlighter

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  1. And that's why I love you! Thx for your honesty . i just watched 2 of my other favourite you tubers mentioning this product and failing to say that alcohol the second ingredient is and witch hazel the fourth. I unsubscribed!

  2. Just as CALM as she is she will beat you up!

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  4. Hi Angela, the Christian Louboutin collection isn't appealing to me at all; especially the eye shadow palettes. It is so overwhelming with all these designers coming out with a beauty line it is all about making money because beauty is such a huge money maker. I do love the Hermes blushes I picked up and the lipsticks are nice but nothing special except for the lipstick cases I love. Christian Louboutin doesn't even look nice it reminds me so far of a Halloween color scheme hopefully I am wrong.

  5. Thank you for this! I can’t use skincare with alcohol in it , this was reason I stopped using Chanel years ago. Chantecaille is definitely overpriced, but they have some iconic products, their BioLifting Serum and cream, both are amazing , I’ve been using them for 2.5 years now and I swear, I can see results. As of exfoliating lotion, I’m not getting it, I use Biologique line, P50+serums etc and I’m literally afraid to add something new as those products work great for me. I’ll get some pieces from Pat, will skip on LesBeiges as I think it’s time for a 9pan palette, it will definitely get one or both🤦🏻‍♀️Chanel quads, most likely one, the darker version. Thank you again, my friend😘

  6. Love this look 😍 I’m really excited for the PML Blush

  7. Thanks Angela! Beautiful look! 😍 I’m interested in the Chanel, Pat M and Lisa Eldridge, but not the Christian Laboutin

  8. Not excited about any upcoming Chanel. I've been really enjoying Dior shadows lately and look forward to seeing what products they release.

  9. That's very discouraging to hear that about Chantecaille. An award winning product before it was released? I try to avoid alcohol in skincare or makeup as much as possible. There are some alcohols that are okay for skin such as cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol(fatty alcohols). I'm not a skincare expert it's just what I've learned. I stay away from alcohol denat and ethanol. Some companies including my beloved Chanel are not always upfront with which alcohol is use it will just say alcohol. I really wish they would make it clear. So I don't know which type is added to this. I agree that I'm also not comfortable with it so far up the list.

  10. Hi Angela, thank you again for your honest review 🙂
    Actually, I don't mind alcohol in my skincare (I've got normal to combination skin) when it's in the right concentration and does not dry out my skin, it's in my Abeille royale creams and I'm fine with that, but OMG, Chatecaille is WAY too overhyped and overpriced… It's a bit disappointing and annoying how some Youtubers are praising it, like they have to do it 😉 so again, thank you for being honest 🙂

  11. Your look is so beautiful today. Your top and makeup shades are lovely colours.

  12. Thank you for this video Angela! Chanel is my favorite beauty brand and I am so interested in the Les Beiges collection but in my opinion you can definitely skip the polishes. Yes they seem pretty but they aren't must haves! I cannot wait to see your review of the two Les Beiges quints! What are the names of the two Chanel quads from the summer collection that we saw pictures towards the end of in the video? The one with the golden shade seems gorgeous! Is that Golden Meadow or is Golden Meadow an old release? I cannot keep track but the quad with the gold shadow looks beautiful. Also, your top is lovely and I love your makeup in this video! xx

  13. You should read info from Lab MuffinBeauty Science — the information from non-scientists about alcohol and the research about alcohol is very misleading. She is a pharmacist and has posted some interesting information about this ingredient that sheds light on why it does not deserve the bad rap it gets. You might find her posts illuminating.

  14. Thank you so much for your thoughts and the truth on the Chantecaille solution. I saw the ingredients list and was shocked at the alcohol, witch hazel, sodium hydroxide and all the acids! Then I saw my favorite trusted YouTubers using and recommending this, people with dry skin and barrier issues and I’m thinking, what??? This is a product for very young oily skin cystic acne patients and only for temporary use! Not for older ladies with drier skin and eczema too! I mention this on IG and I can tell my negative comments not well received. Here only you in my list of favorite YouTubers are saying all this and how disappointing this release is from Chantecaille. I am shocked because I would expect Chantecaille to be the brand to find a formula that is gentle but works more long term, like you said. Also this formula can be made easily another a drugstore product like Sea Breeze and add an acid to it, same thing for $15 tops. Oy me. This video big thumbs up.👍

  15. CL doesn't appeal to me :(… You look extra beautiful today!

  16. do we have release dates for the chanel summer collection yet?

  17. You look beautiful I love this shirt and shirt style on you! I have the Sublimage Brume mist already it’s been available here in the states for a bit now. It comes in a really cute travel style package like the twist for the perfume. I love it. I have posted it on my ig before as well if you want to see. I’m interested in the new Chanel serum as well. I am anxious to see your les beiges review I’m still on the fence! But I will be getting one of the quads. Thank you for sharing!!🤍🤍🤍

  18. Angela, you look lovely in that floral blouse!
    I’m interested in both of the Chanel quads and the quints also look pretty. I’m also liking the looks of the Chanel summer polish, especially the lightest & darkest colors. I hope to find some swatches online. I’ll probably try one of the Pat McGrath blushes out of curiosity. Will pick up what what I can from Lisa Eldridge; she never disappoints! Hoping she’s restocking her lip gloss colors! Zero interest in the CL launch.

  19. Another stunning look 😊♥️

  20. I definitely want to get a Pat McGrath blush and the new highlight.

  21. Hi Angela! I’m not interested at all in Louboutin makeup. Chanel quads call my name ! 😉 Thank you for this video ! 💖

  22. What a summer outfit ♥️ I am waiting for summer in Berlin ♥️ Regards,Angela 🙂

  23. Hello gorgeous. I am exited for all the new makeup. Love the Chanel quints. Also one of the quads. The warmer one. As for the Chantecaille product not onlybit has alcohol right at the top of the ingredients list but also witch hazel that I understand is 14% alcohol by volume. Please correct me if I am wrong. Sending much love. Happy weekend.

  24. Looking forward to your review of the Les Beiges palettes, Angela☺️

  25. Hello Angela….I love that sort of video… Sublimage mist ??? Intresting maybe?
    I just purchse one rouge coco bloom
    Really like to get one blush from PMcG if they are good maybe more 🥰
    Blush from Lisa Eldridge yes absolutely only if i don't have taxes
    big yes to chanel eyeliner crayon maybe 2 quads i don't think so i need to see your review first
    louboutin the colors are not calling me … so sad !

  26. Thanks so much for your candid review. It’s refreshing to hear the truth. Your ‘two cents’ is worth a lot!

  27. I would like to see the quality and texture of the C. Louboutin eyeshadows. The packaging is disappointing but I'm curious of the quality and intensity of the shades.

  28. Ohhhh…

  29. I agree about the Chantecaille product…very skeptical of those claims. Thanks Angela. Let’s keep it real.

  30. Your honesty is why I consult your channel. It saves us so much money.

  31. Loveee your top! Could you tell me where is it from please?

  32. Christian Louboutin has liquid eyeshadows that look gorgeous, would love your opinion on them.

  33. 💅🏼 gli smalti Chanel sono bellissimi ❣️ grazie e buon WE ☀️🌸🦋☀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  34. Thank you for the mention Beautiful! 💜💜 you look stunning and these new releases looks very exciting! 🥰

  35. Thank you so much for your honesty re alcohol in skincare

  36. Hi Angela thanks for is and true honesty. I do see a lot of influencers who are getting the Chantecaille products sent to them and Ellington people how wonderful their products are. I love some of their makeup collections , poisitano and polar ice and the endangered animals eye shadows etc. I question their skin care a lot. If you read reviews on their skincare most give them a 2 out of 5 and to me that is not good enough. Beautypeadia has really been honest about the product and ingredients and price and honestly there are much better skincare products out there that are better . The whole business with alcohol as the second ingredient is terrible. There are a lot of people who depend on you as the youtuber to be honest in the ingredients and not be influenced by free products if you peddle them to us. We work way too hard for our money to just spend it on something that does not work and harmful to our skin. Wow that was a mouthful. Have tried a few products from them that was gifted to me via draw. A gift basket of skincare goodies and there is not one product I would go back and repurchase ever. So def not on the Chantecaille skincare wagon for me. As for the other products I am a big yes to Lisa Eldridge. I too have to pay taxes and duty in Canada but her products are so special I would rather say no to department store products get hands on hers. Chanel yes to the purple shadow quad and yes to the green and prune liners. Loubitain cases look pretty cheap from the photos. Thought it might be classier looking but a no to me. I will wait and see what Les beiges brings but it is a no for me . I bought some shadows from them 2 years ago and do not like the formula. I did see Victoria Beckham has some bronzers out as new so will look into that. I find her packaging is lovely . I love her eye creams and her lip sheers . They feel and wear well.

  37. Honestly speaking, I am interested only in Chanel. Don’t care about Chantecaille, or Valentino, or CL. I don’t even watch videos with these brands. I watch only Chanel, lesser Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy, and Sisley. All other brands videos I always skip

  38. Chanel Les Beiges Collection and Lisa Eldridge sound very interesting to me. Louboutin‘s nail polishes are very expensive so the upcoming Collection might be too. With Valentino I am not sure.

  39. You look so pretty in this video!

  40. Love love love that top

  41. Yes to 5 of the Chanel eyeliners, no to everything else. I was fortunate enough to get a ridiculous amount of Tom Ford at 60% off from The Cosmetics Company store at a nearby outlet mall (US), went a little nuts with Dior quints, stocked up on Gucci lips during the Sephora sale, & have 2 Hermès blushes. Until the fall Dior quints hit, I’m done. 😳

  42. I love that you are honest !! It’s so Important to me. I have to buy smart. It’s hard when it all costs a fortunes

  43. I have been trying the Chantecaille Solution and really like it but I definitely appreciate honest opinions from you. I’m a no on the Louboutin personally … I don’t like the packaging and don’t see anything unique. Looking forward to your Chanel reviews for sure! (And I love your top!)

  44. I only use medical grade skincare so I have no interest in Chantecaille’s new offering. The only new releases I’m very interested in are Chanel and Pat McGrath. I’m a little curious about Lisa Eldridge’s new releases. Valentino and Louboutin may be wonderful but I don’t have any interest. I hope the products are luxe. I sort of feel like it’s a money grab. I think many design houses are struggling due to the pandemic. Because women are continuing to buy cosmetics it’s a logical move for them to make. I truly wish them well. Thank you for your absolute honesty. A number of influencers have, in my opinion, lost credibility. Just because it’s a luxury brand. or you received it in PR doesn’t make it wonderful. I also want you to know that whenever possible I do use your affiliate links.😍❤️

  45. The Christian Louboutin release doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t have a connection to the studded look that they are known for with their shoes. Also, even if the formula was amazing…it’s just not exciting. I don’t associate feelings with the brand like I do with Chanel or even Dior, YSL, etc.

  46. 🖤 Meray is AMAZING 🖤 that's my Chanel Beauty Advisor and I adore her!!!!!

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