IT НОВОСТИ: Chinese rocket to come crashing down to Earth at unknown location — BBC News 2021

Debris from a Chinese rocket is expected to fall back to Earth in an uncontrolled re-entry this weekend.

The main segment from the Long March-5b vehicle, weighing 18 tonnes, was used to launch the first module of China’s new space station last month.

Various space debris modelling experts are pointing to late Saturday or early Sunday (GMT) as the likely moment of re-entry. However, such projections are always highly uncertain.

The US on Thursday said it was watching the path of the object but currently had no plans to shoot it down.

Most of the vehicle should burn up when it makes its final plunge through the atmosphere, although there is always the possibility that metals with high melting points, and other resistant materials, could survive to the surface.

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  1. China give the world a rest!!!😭

  2. China should have left that to NASA😐

  3. It's crashed on Indian Ocean near malidews

  4. Won't it just burn up?

  5. 差不多得了😓

  6. … it'll hit New York as like always….and avengers will save us……..

  7. It was made in china, of course it would break

  8. Oh well! Pity it didn't land smack of the BBC Headquarters: purveyors of fake news.

  9. Except for Elon Mush's rockets, can any country claim that their rockets can have a controlled re-entry to earth? NASA, Russia, Japan, India or ESA? As far as transparency is concerned, we want the truth from the Fort Detrick laboratory!!!!

  10. Haha china has done it again, another mess.

  11. It had a 'made in China' label on it. What did anyone expect ? They dropped the ball with the accidental wuhun laboratory covid leak, now their space rockets are broken. What's the third? Always come in three. Accidental nukes ?

  12. Rocket experts from UK are stupid. It landed in the ocean. You guys now must be so disappointed. A rocket made in China does not kill people? That’s not logic!!

  13. America always making the chaotic events and the BCC also producing the fake news, these what the hippocrates do.

  14. Man, China never shares anything do they ?

  15. Title is written out to cause panic ? what is wrong with you bbc?

  16. I think someone need to regulate these space aspirations! Flying a drone is, but not rockets? 😂

  17. She is so bad and keeps stuttering. And actually is very well informed on the issue

  18. Omg isn't coronaa enough?😒😒😣😣

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