IT НОВОСТИ: Absolutely INSANE Dogecoin News! — Amazon Accepting Doge?! — Can It Hit $1?! 2021

Ok, this is absolutely stunning. The newest Dogecoin news that we have come across is pretty crazy to say the least.

Everyone’s favorite meme crypto has been the darling of the 2021 bull run so far and it seems to just continue to be destined to rise expnentially.

Some of the latest news out shows the absolutely insane gains that investors have been seeing or could be seeing, had they invested their stimulus checks into Doge. And believe me, it is HUGE!

Also, as we gear up for Elon Musks Saturday Night Live hosting, the big question on everyones mind is, will Doge hit $1 and if so, when?

Let’s go!

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  3. EVERYBODY !!! Buy BTT before SNL when Elon Musk goes live it will Effing EXPLODE!!!!! DON'T MISS OUT!

  4. We're still in the early stages….

  5. Poking the Doge with a stick so it jumps again !!!

  6. Can’t believe it’s where it is now! But when Elon and Bezos talk about it skyrockets!

  7. Doge to the MOOOOOOOOOOON🚀🚀🚀🚀

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