IT НОВОСТИ: 343 Dev Speaks Out About Halo Infinite, But It's Great News? — Halo Infinite News 2021

A former 343 developer (skybox artist) has spoken out about Halo Infinite’s development, which has sparked everything from concern to negative news coverage. But I see what this 343 developer had to say about Halo Infinite as nothing but great news. He even said Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and campaign gameplay will be richer than we have ever seen. Sounds good to me!

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  1. As someone who actually watched the original video in Mandarin I find the discussion in the west basically hijacks this dev's intention and made it all about crunch(Just like everyting presented in western MSM, whether it's right or left wing, about Chinese-speaking world, full of half-truth propaganda and hiden agenda) When he mention the hard work part he meant to compliment his co-workers, cause you know, working hard is kinda a virtue in the east. In fact the "crunch" is just one sentance of a 16 mins video. Jason Schreier is the prime perpetrator here. I've been reading his article since he's a nobody in the industry. I find that he's a really skilled manipulator who's good at twisting the narrative to cater to his western audience's sence of moral superiority. For a long time I've been questioning his credibility because his long articles regarding a new controversial topic always give me that "too juicy and timely to be true" vibe. Remeber he only uses anonymous source and magically there's always a dev that would leak these juicy details to him. It's just I caught him red handed this time.

  2. why did i get kicked from the discord😐

  3. Working hard is ok. Working overtime into the wee hours of the morning is not okay and we shouldn't give 343 a pass for that.

    BUT that doesn't necessarily spell problems for Halo Infinite and you're right about the rest of it.

  4. 343i literally gave their employees a long break a round the holiday for this exact reason. They thought they'd release before the end of the year and they didn't so they gave them a big break to prepare for the rest of the year to pump out what they need. 343i seems to care for their employees idk what everyone is on about..

  5. This guy is a skybox artist too. Cut skybox content will have little to no impact on a game

  6. Unique take; Managers like to bark orders while doing nothing.

    Hey Sean that guy just gave another statement explaining and giving context about the stuff he said.

  8. Dude we need more people like you, people who give positive news about halo infinite. I am a huge halo fan and I love all of the halo games. I know that 343 has been working hard to make the halo franchise the best that it can be. I’ve seen videos of what they’ve been doing as they been working on the game and I believe that it will be great. Maybe the demo wasn’t what everyone expected it to be, but it’s just a demo, and 343 admitted they weren’t ready. It’s nothing to be mad about and start discouraging a company that wants to please fans like it’s life or death. Therefore, as fans we need to show support and not give into negative crap. Halo infinite will be awesome, and the devs info is proof of that!

  9. The game might become a masterpiece over time, it it going to be getting updated for 10 years, that is enough time to make a game a masterpiece.

  10. Dude put out a new video addressing how people took his words out on context and explained what he meant by all of it

  11. The Ex-343 dev quote on quote said that halo infinite would be Great, that gameplay is much richer and the story has big improvements. Story most likely improved greatly because of Joe Staten. This is all that should matter, yeah, crunch Is bad but he said the game is gonna be great, that's what matters, that what should be talked about, not the crunch. Anyways, I'm so hype for E3 and for the full release. Halo infinite gonna be amazing, gonna blow my socks off.

  12. You're so positive thats why i love your channel

  13. Tbf he might call H4//H5 great games too. However he probably judged it for some technical very narrow view . In the end it is sum of all of its part that matters and if 343 has had its creative mind set right it can be subjectively amazing game while not being something world blowing in the game industry or even if it has some problems.

  14. Dude’s pretty much describing a normal AAA title’s development phase. That’s all 😅 geez everyone sees it way too negative compared to what it actually is.

  15. I want the glowing blood back !!!!!!! Does anyone agree ?

  16. As someone who's worked in game dev crunch just means we running out of time

  17. Thank god there's a Halo leader in the community (Sean W) who is level-headed and logical to balance out all the anxiety clickbait drama.

  18. Your approach to this is very realistic. It’s not fluff. One thing tho, I think that the crunch aspect is still somewhat an issue seeing that the trailer itself was rubbish. Also the expectation is for it to be the best Halo game thus far.

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