IT НОВОСТИ: Life after war: 'It's too painful to sleep' — BBC News 2021

Fighting has ended in and around Nagorno-Karabakh but some civilians are still suffering.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have been accused of using banned cluster bombs. Both sides deny using them.

Human rights groups have verified their use and called their deployment a flagrant disregard for civilian life.

As part of the deal to stop the conflict, regions surrounding the disputed territory that were taken by Armenian forces in the 1990s are being returned to Azerbaijan.

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  1. Aliyev shouldn’t warred with Armenia

  2. Turkey bought BBC News too?

  3. Awful thing that Armenia did. Cluster bombs are illegal and the usage of them is a war crime, I hope this man gets better soon!

  4. all because of greedy aliyev who sends young boys for stealing Artsakh Armenia ancestors land

  5. So people dies both sides
    Who really won?

    Whose loose bowels every day
    5 to 6 times

    Whose loose bowels every day
    5 to 6 times

    Whose loose bowels every day
    5 to 6 times

  9. Thank you bbc showing this
    This is civilian area in Azerbaijan
    the Armenian army has dropped
    While I was watching a news they have strike 4 rockets on civilians sad that democracy pretenders didn’t even shame Armenia for it

  10. Love to Armenia, hope all Armenians heal soon!🇦🇲❤❤

  11. Azerbaijan was shelling peaceful civilian areas! Why are you biased journalists not showing the none stop shelling s of the Armenians? Armenia only targeted military targets. Why do you think the military airport base in Ganja and Barda was attacked? Go watch the bbc news interview by Orla Guerin with dictator Aliyev . He was exposed for deliberately attacking civilians with cluster bombs. Stop acting like your all innocent Azerbaijan. You committed a second Armenian genocide! 😡

  12. Geçmiş Olsun Kardeş.
    Gazilerimiz , Şehitlerimiz ve Yetimlerimiz bizim Türk Milleti Olarak HER ŞEYİMİZ.
    Dualarımız Seninle Acil Şifalar !
    Avustralya’dan 🇹🇷🇦🇿✊🤲
    Cem Oluklu.

  13. I wish him quick recovery.
    I also wish BBC would for once forget that the UK has investments (PRITISH PETROLEUM) in Azerbaijan and show how Azerbaijan committed a war crime by dropping banned chemical weapon White Phosphorus to burn Artsakh forests. Please also show the burn wounds on bodies of Armenian soldiers caused by the white phosphorus, a chemical that does not let the wounds to heal properly.

    Please don’t forget to tell that Azerbaijan started the war by shelling peaceful Armenian cities? Why don’t you show the CCTV footage from Stepanakert, where you can clearly see cluster munitions dropped on residential areas. Why don’t you mention the reason why the Armenians started fighting for freedom 30 years ago? I mean during the Soviet period there were Baku pogroms, Sumgait pogroms, Kirovabad pogroms and other ethnical cleansing of Armenians. Please make a note to mention that fact.
    And while you’re at it, please remember to mention none other than Stalin has arbitrarily put in the 1920-ies the Artsakh lands, that are historically inhabited by ethnic Armenian population into the Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. And in 1920, there was the Shushi pogrom, where the majority Armenian population of that city was ethnically cleansed by tatars, who call themselves Azerbaiajanis now. Just look up the census records made by Russians prior to 1918. There was no nationality recorded as a Azerbaijani before 1936, but there were Armenians, Russians, and Muslims (tatars and other ethnicities). Azerbaijan as a country was created in only 1918 and did not in fact include the territory of Artsakh. Which means that Artsakh lands were only included as a Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (region) into Soviet Azerbaijan which was NOT a sovereign country but only a part of the Soviet Union administrative structure. After the fall of Soviet Regime, the citizens of Soviet Azerbaijan declared independence from the Soviet Union. At the same time, the majority ethnic Armenian population of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast) also used the right to self determination right and voted Yes for independence from the Soviet Union and all Soviet administrative structures. This means that Artsakh was never a part of independent and sovereign republic of Azerbaijan. Please do remember that if #CaviarDiplomacy of Azerbaijan has not bribed you.

  14. Hmm, in thatcase why don't u show the Armenians and soldiers that lost their hands or body parts😠😠 this war is not only one side. They cut throat and heads of our civilians and soldiers who became war prisoners. Show those videos too

  15. where are the videos about the 150 Armenian civilians that they killed?? or do you not care about them because their government doesn’t pay you?

  16. I'm happy that all of the world see Armenians' real face.

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  18. Just like the BBC to report without factual evidence! Here's proof of Azerbaijan using ILLEGAL CLUSTER BOMBS !!!!!
    Where's a legitimate source of evidence that Armenia did the same?

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