IT НОВОСТИ: Chuck: 'It Was A Train Wreck' | Meet The Press | NBC News 2021

After more than an hour and a half of the first presidential debate, Chuck Todd says, «it was a train wreck.»
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Chuck: ‘It Was A Train Wreck’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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24 комментария
  1. Chuck Todd has the biggest nerd I've ever seen in my life

  2. Todd is the only train wreck , and he has the nerve to say Trump is a bully, really ? The Democratic party has been the Fu%king bully from day one. Anyone with a thinking brain of their own knows this. And for Todd ? Get the rope ? I went from a Democrat to a proud Republican because of Todd , thank you Todd for showing me the light and how YOU AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY REALLY ARE……

  3. This Todd guy only has this job because of white privilege

    Heneeds to go

  4. Hes one them guys you just want to punch in the face. Yes chuck you

  5. Todd your a disgrace. Just like all liberal media. You need to be shut down.

  6. Meet the press? You mean MEET THE OPPRESSORS

  7. Please investigate and report on:

    How were/are planned goals of any vaccinations arrived at…what were/are actual results…what were/are actual general effects, sicknesses, and deaths from vaccinations?

    When and how were/the above determined?
    What are "All" ingredients in proposed vaccines, under what formats and how many "Actual" people were tested, what were "Actual" results, what were "Actual" side effects, what were "Actual" sicknesses/deaths/achievements?

    Under what law(s) will vaccines be administered?


    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes

    Fauci disobeying President on researchong covid-19 and Fauci rejection of successful Hydroxichloroquine:

    Trump rejection of corona tests in Wuhan and hydroxichloroquin.

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


  8. You’re a threat to the Country Chuckles. You should be in jail for your continual false claims

  9. Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to a once great program and so are the NBC idiots who allow it to happen.

  10. Liar , watch Newsmax 😡

  11. C Joe Biden with his family also ran a world-wide criminal enterprise taking money from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania and enriching themselves with tens of millions and seriously damaging the national security as the Clintons did also. All these crimes were committed with complete impunity.

  12. Fake media is joke! You are goons. No one watched you, nazis

  13. Biden bull dozed over Ryan and you praised him for it. Chuck and Savannah are frauds and EVERYONE SEE'S IT!

  14. Josef goebells aka chuck todd

  15. Chuck should realize his CORRUPT, LYING, COVER-UP THE TRUTH REPORTING IS THE REAL 'Train Wreck', Watch 5 minute video explaining THE BIDEN FAMILY CORRUPTION, Chuck should be able to comprehend it, DOUBT IT!!

  16. Train wreck is main stream media attempting to cover up the real story about Hunter.and.emails.

  17. Did you clowns actually watch the debate???

  18. Chuck Todd as some TDS never seen anywhere. Dude is a complete loser

  19. you are all full of crap , you's are bought by NBC, chuck tood, you don't even have an education to do the news, you are all being black mailed & seold your soul to the devil. stupid stupid , is money that important. what about your family, you bunch of dim whits TRUMP 2020 shame on all of you's.

  20. Riddle me this? How come NBC and the MSM always SAY EVERYDAY FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS "white men without college degree" this "white men without college degree" that as Trumps base etc… F Chuck Todd is a WHITE MAN WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE yet he constantly belittles them? Why?? Everybody just assume Chuck is educated?

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