МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ: FIRST LOOK at Kit Harington's new series — Gunpowder: Episode 1 Preview — BBC One 2021

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Programme website: http://bbc.in/2glwUcZ Faced with the injustice of anti-Catholic laws Catesby argues passionately in his defence.

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  2. This 1 minute performance of Kit Harington is far more better than his acting in the entire Game of thrones…
    This is the moment that I realized that he is not just a fine actor but something more,
    Just like I realized about Robert Pattinson,after watching The Rover…

    Goosebumps ❤️💯

  3. Protestant and catholics kill each other for the faith and today both loosing their members and faith. Glory to orthodox church

  4. Who’s the actor that played Thomas Percy?

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  6. Malayalikal undo 🙄

  7. Why nobody talks about Gunpowder?

  8. Pretty cool he’s related to Catesby

  9. This is history…. why dont we have more episodes?

  10. Kit Harington ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Man, this sequel of GOT seems way better than season 8

  12. Did I just hear the name Robert bolton

  13. if you don't like my new serie, you can go fk yourself

  14. He's still playing Jon Snow in another goofy period piece

  15. To bad the actor told me to go f myself for not liking S8.

  16. Looks like Jon Snow has time travelled.

  17. So first we saw him wielding swords, now gunpowder and guns, in his next movie he evolves to modern day weapons I guess? Spoiler: In his 4th movie we see him fighting vs starship troopers.

  18. I'm sure this role will surely have his career blow up..

  19. How much was £5 equivalent to back then 😲

  20. Well, it is his great, great, great grandfather or other that he is playing…

  21. You know nothing john snow!

  22. 1:18 now what was it that Cleagene said about the king…

  23. The egregiously anachronistic speech from Catesby has put me off. Rewriting history to appeal to modern audiences and pander to sympathies is a cop out.

  24. Sir Robert Cecil is one hell of an antagonist, so annoying! That neck!

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