МАРКЕТИНГ: Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 — IT'S ALL HERE 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 Official marketing material leaks! Samsung UNDER SCREEN CAMERA, NEW DESIGN, SPEN & MORE!

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  1. Standard Samsung screens. What else can Apple innovate next? Anything?

  2. Nice can't wait for it to scratch on my finger nails

  3. i own the galaxy fold 2 my advice dont buy it, the flip screen ends up smashing into its self as the rubber gets worn out plus it overheats like crazy and lastly dont get my started on the air bubbles its annoying af

  4. So wait, NO NOTE 21 ULTRA this year?

  5. Sorry. NO BUY.

    There's ZERO reason for a $2,000+ Galaxy Z Fold 3 to have weaker cameras than the S21 Ultra.

    No excuse! It's the principle of the matter!

  6. I dont want under display camera.. Who the fuck need this? Its s step to controll!!! No thanks

  7. Ugly colors .. as always samsung cant do nice colors like other phones.

  8. When will these be launched?

  9. Eww why did they put the flash under the camera

  10. Everything looks ugly 😭

  11. I wish there will be more color and instead of green they should produce the same bronze color like fold 2

  12. When is the release date for the Fold 3, I need this 📱ASAP! Hopefully it comes with 120W charger and expandable memory. Game over!

  13. It would be nice if I could afford it

  14. Was thinking to buy Fold2 when prices went down. Now I know why. That 3 seems worth of wait.

  15. It's annoying how Samsung is set on a non-flagship (mediocre) camera-set for the Z Fold line. A very expensive flagship phone. The back with the regular camera arrangement looks ordinary. The front still with the hole punch camera looks ordinary. The Z Fold 3 just looks like another boring design. At least the new Flip has a design that's moving forward and not backwards like the Z Fold 3.

  16. All this sounds awesome! Let's see how it's the quality of the front face camera now ..
    Thanks for the latest news man! 👍

  17. Ugly phones. So disappointed in samsung

  18. No integrated S pen means I'm uninterested. I use my S pen all the time and not having a house in the phone for it would be very inconvenient and also increase the risk of losing it.

  19. The Z Flip 3 looks really unique and definitely fashionable, the Fold 3 is definitely my next buy if I have the money for it, and it's design is pretty unique as well, though I'm unsure of the camera quality themselves.

  20. If they can hide the camera under the Display i think they can also hide the Sensor too to make a better face id feature than currently smartphones.

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