IT НОВОСТИ: Prostitution: Is it OK to pay for sex? BBC News 2021

In June paying for sex will become illegal in Northern Ireland. It will be following Sweden and Norway in criminalising men who use prostitutes. There are calls for the same to be done across the rest of the UK. Others argue that the best protection for prostitutes is actually legalisation. Catrin Nye has been looking at how the system works in the UK at the moment meeting current and former prostitutes, men who pay for sex and police. She travels to Sweden with campaigners who want their model adopted.
Reporter: Catrin Nye Director: Suemay Oram. You can see more on this story on the Victoria Derbyshire programme on Wednesday. Victoria Derbyshire is broadcast weekdays from 09:15-11:00 BST on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel. Follow the programme on Facebook and Twitter, and find all our content online.

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  1. Listen turn britian in to Amsterdam legalised everything

  2. Selling it is fine, buying it isn’t. Pretty much sums it up. You can’t have it halfway, you either criminalise the act or you don’t. Just legalise brothels and regulate them. Not rocket science.

  3. Geez 🤦‍♂️ just create a safe environment for the transactions to be agreed and concluded in a way which also ensures the borough council profits, then the job is done. Make all sex work legal and operate in those zones. Have facilities provided by the council, have community officer support and then move on from the subject and charge both parties fees. The council will then raise funds to better support the community it serves.

    If people think permitting sex workers (including escorts) to be bad, what is equally as bad is the permission from the state we get to own an animal as a pet. The animal cannot give consent and the pet owner even restricts the animal's freedom and choice in the same way as the state limits yours. Remember we have no freedom. What we think are rights, they are only what they state PERMITS in the form of laws and these can be added or removed as they please.

  4. Yes, thats all folks.

  5. Ew they could have anything.

  6. Sex is need for everyspecies if a species don't get it they can even kill each other like lions the drive for sex is so much that for this even animals risk there lives we can buy food, we can buy many things essential for living but why not sex

  7. A prostitute is way much better person than a cheating wife atleast they cannot harm u in any way emotional ly and mentally

  8. What about making these 🐖 pay taxes

  9. Fanatics and radicals are everywhere deciding what is "moral" and what is "immoral" without reasonable research. Luckily I am not in Sweden.

  10. Whats wrong with it, as long as there are no force? How ignorant.. Good thing I dont live in stupid countries like Sweden, Norway, UK etc… they call themself "civilized, modern", yet they forbide sex, which is one of the main natural human needs. They are worse than Middle East on this issue, even Middle East sees no problem with it
    And to respond why men pay for sex. Becase we dont want to get involved into fake romance nonsenses just to get laid. We dont have time for emotions, and dumb sh!t like love and relationships.. Love is all fake act. and we dont have time for acting. We just want to get straight into the point, like professional… I never had gf or wife and I am not interested in that sh!t. I am happy with visiting brothels and massage parlors, and calling in escort ladies & professional masseurs in my home… Pay the price, get the service… Simple as that. Now call me Incel, Virgin, Misogynist, Macho, Alt Right I dont care.. I paid for sex and I will keep doing it. I have no regrets

  11. I don't trust Neil. Lol

  12. The only reason why prostitution is illegal is because the government can't profit from it

  13. I feel like whenever something is made illegal the problem just gets worse. Didn’t we try to do something similar to alcohol in the U.S. decades ago.

  14. Dating is prostitution with more steps. We should outlaw dating.

  15. How could anyone defend the reality of these sick actions?

  16. ask the man taking out your trash if he wants to be doing that, he will say no.

    same goes for a lot of escorts, and, believe it or not, most people. people working at mcdonalds, cashiers, cleaners etc probably dont like their jobs. we dont say they are "trapped", so why do we say this for prostitutes?

  17. be mgtow
    spend your money in thailand than for your gouvernement.

  18. Wtf! Buying is illegal, but selling is legal.. Criminalise Selling, there will be no buying.

  19. Prostitution isnt really bad just sinful but it shouldnt be illegal

  20. If people want to buy and people want to sell, why should we not allow that? Prostitution is a voluntary trade just like any other in a free market system. If people are selling and buying, they are doing so because they both want to do it. That means nobody is getting hurt. It is only when you are forced into commiting these acts that it is bad, but because you are compensated to a price which both of you have agreed upon, I don't really see why it is unethical

  21. Desire is invincible. You're never getting rid of prostitution

  22. Can we just ban the government and BCC instead? They are too Orwellian

  23. So funny. As long as it's not your daughter you don't have any problems with this business right?? Disgusting b*llsh*t!

  24. I understand Ben. As a single guy who would never get a girl without money what choice does he have. Not having sex at all is an option but is not very practical as it is our natural need. Other than that we men need women interaction and intimacy to live.

  25. what s stupid thing to say… yea it's wrong for a man to go with a hooker if he has a misses… that's why men that do don't rush home and tell there wives… but single men are fine — as long as they are respectful

  26. No no no nonono no begone Thooooot!😡

  27. why not ask "is it ok for women to marry a man for his money?"
    0r, " is it ok for a woman to use her sexual attractiveness in the workplace to gain promotions?
    and how about " is it ok for a wife to commit paternity fraud against her faithful husband?"
    then finally "is it ok for a fiancee to hide her sexual past from her husband to be"?
    none of these wrongs are illegal, yet women get away with exploiting men every day.

  28. I see no problem with it

  29. For me? No because the AIDS is coming for you

  30. Criminalise marriage then. That's money and gifts/services in exchange for sex. The brutal truth, sex is rarely free for men. If its made illegal rape will increase rapidly.

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