IT НОВОСТИ: President Of Finland Tells Trump: You Have 'A Great Democracy. Keep It Going On' | NBC News 2021

President Sauli Niinistö of Finland spoke at a press conference with President Trump and complimented the museums and history he saw. You have here a great democracy. Keep it going on,» he told President Trump.
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President Of Finland Tells Trump: You Have ‘A Great Democracy. Keep It Going On’ | NBC News

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38 комментариев
  1. In USA: President of Finland Rebublic.
    In Finland: Saukko.

  2. One of the main reasons for President Niinistö's visit to Washington was to express Finland's gratitude to United States for the recognition on May 7, 1919 of Finland's independence, which had been declared on December 6, 1917. And establishment of diplomatic relationship. Our relationship has now this year 2019 continued for 100 years! Our relationship has been solid and special, which is historically documented. These important facts were unfortunately not addressed enough in the press conference. The Press was interested only in matters current for the moment.

  3. “You have a great democracy…” I think he meant to say you HAD a great democracy. Not his fault though, English isn’t his first language.

  4. Sarcasm doesn't translate well.

  5. What did Trump bribe him with…more dirt on Biden for something else…like listening to your b.s. you threw out that had nothing to do with finland

  6. What is Teump doing with a Communist? According to him and his cultists, Finland is Communist country. They have a free health care, free colleges, their prison system is so advanced, the give a housing to the prosoners…and don't forget, they all pinch in to raking a forests 😂😂😂😂

  7. He mentioned the National Black History Museum…hoorah!!

  8. Yeah…wise words from the leader of Finland. If the Marxist scum media and Leftist filth have their way it won't be a democracy for very long…it'll be a clone of 1970's Soviet Union with abolition of private property, bare market shelves, no industry, and Government worshipped as God.

  9. Finnish what you hyped. Greenland still wants to know who you talking to.Ha!Ha!The polar bear eloquence.

  10. That poor Finnish guy caught in the Democrat insanity and spite of impeachment — probably can’t wait to get back to Finland away from Democrats.

  11. May God bless President Trump.

  12. The only way for that to happen is to get rid of Trump.

  13. Chuckle! Well said, President of Finland.

  14. That sounded Personal!

  15. It's extremely embarrassing that dimwitted Donald acted like a troubled child in front of Finland's president and the world

  16. Great advice from a pretty unproblematic country Finland 🇫🇮

  17. Wonder if Niinistö was being sarcastic in saying that?

  18. TRUMP 2020, DTJR 2024

  19. This guy is as dumb and corrupt as Trump if he things this is Democracy is great

  20. President sniffles over here doesn't know a burn when he hears one. How embarrassing.

  21. Keep it going on… Don't destroy it.

  22. I’m sure the Finis Pres. removed any etheric attachments after that hand shake.

  23. So,…the President of Finland knows as much about America as some Americans. That we are a REPUBLIC.

  24. two hypocrites congratulate each other.

  25. He's reminding him
    that he's messing up a good thing. Its sad when a leader of a country with 10 people have to tell the most powerful man (second to Vladimir Putin) to watch your steps. You have it good Mr President. Stop the division and lies.

  26. President Of Finland Tells Trump: You Have 'A Great Constitutional Republic. Keep It Going On' | NBC News

    There I fixed it

  27. Is that a Muslim Prayer Curtain behind them???? Trump is a secret Muslim!!!

  28. President Niniisto of Finland delivered the most elegant and subtle rebuke to Trump when he addressed the CNN reporter. During the Q&A session, not shown here, he was aked by a CNN reporter about a recent ruling against Europe by the WTO. Before answering the reporter´s question — which Trump rudely took upon himself to answer — he told him, and I paraphrase "over the decades and the centuries you have built a great democracy. So keep it going". He was talking TO THE REPORTER, and to the press at large, not to Trump. In other words, hang on there, do not be intimidated by this bully. And then he went on to state that he is all for internationalism and rulings by international agencies are to be respected even when they go against you. Master class on subtlety and decency. Kudos Finland!!

  29. On his museum tour he should of stopped at a library and touched up on American history. He would of known were not a democracy we are a republic. Democracies are for fools. Republic's are set up for the long haul.

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