IT НОВОСТИ: I'm Not Buying It NEWS — No Price Cut or Hardware Successor for Switch 2021

Well, Nintendo wants to keep doing what they do best: falling behind in system specs and common sense…

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  1. It's less powerful than the ps4 and xbox one and it came out 4 years after how fucked is that

  2. Nintendo switch is garbage

  3. The Switch like a 360? , the Wii U alone destroyed both the PS3 and 360 in power, the Switch is a more powerful Wii U but sure buddy is a "360" , that kind of ignorance kills your argument from the get go and then you go Nintendo needs to go 3rd party, that worked wonders for Sega , amazed there still are Nintendoom leftovers from 2 years ago, clearly the sales of the super powerful 4k capable Xbox One shows how it is destroying the crappy Switch abysmal sales!!!……oh wait.

  4. To discount a console that is selling like hot cakes or reveal a succesor to damage sales?! You would think that is …. common sense , who cares about specs? , those didnt help the Xbox One X destroy the competition.

  5. I play breath of the wild day one with no issues…

  6. I mean you make good points here but overall you seem a bit misinformed on the Switch. I get hating the hybrid thing but it makes a lot of sense in the long run. I think it's a very "Not for me" situation not just a dumb choice. Not really a "No one wants this, why did you did this?" type of thing. That's what the Wii U was. I get not liking it but I think shitting on the concept as a whole is kinda invalid tbh. When it comes to game running issues, I can't think of Switch games running like shit with the only exception being Xenoblade 2. BOTW was one of them but it was patched like really quickly and runs fine now. I blame them throwing it on the Switch at the last second when it was a Wii U game at first. The other stuff runs fine though. The prices are so retarded though it's not even funny, totally agree.

  7. This video made me lol. Oh, Nintendo……

  8. All the YTbers sucking Nintendo and the Switch's cock by still saying it portable. Also the 😭😭😭 thing is the Wii, Wii U, 3DS 2DS having VC but, the Switch didn't having VC on it. The Switch didn't wed page on it but, the Wii, Wii U, 3DS 2DS on it. Also all the YTbers having Switch theme on they Channel. All the people who own the Switch waiting the NPD or console score one YTbers his channel name is Spawn Wave he talking about the Switch is one the PS4 is two and the XB is three place on the NPD. I heard a rumor that Sony making a new handheld I 🙏🙏🙏 the new Sony handheld is a Switch killer. Also all the Switch owners wanting Nintendo killing off the 3DS 2DS.

  9. The problem is that you, like me, aren't Nintendo's target market anymore. You could have a Japanese man shit in a box, stamp the right logo on it, market said shit box as a "portable revolution", and gullible morons will gladly drain their savings accounts for it. Nintendo are aware of this and are capitalizing on it as best they can.

  10. Way past the point of caring. I Will never buy another Nintendo product again.
    Especially the way they totally nuked the original Wii shop without the option to continue downloading your digital purchases that you've paid your good hard-earned cash for.
    (A partial credit/refund to your account for your losses would have been halfway decent)
    I have a sinking feeling they'll do he same to the Switch's digital library within two generations.
    I will stick with STEAM and gog.

  11. damn I haven’t watched one of your videos in years. I actually briefly met you at the PRGE 2013 or 12 lmao.

    My input into this is Nintendo fan boys are going to buy it no matter what, I bought mine solely for Smash, Mario kart, and RPGS, as I’m military overseas rn doing a lot of traveling and flying. The switch does everything I want it to as far as far as portability goes. The game library isn’t perfect but I didn’t play a lot of these Wii U games so it’s artificially bigger to me. I hate the joycons with a passion but pro controller, GameCube controller, and usb support help. The pricing is awful yeah but I only buy AAA titles as of now, not obscure ones. For obscure, the PS4 library is stupid big but it doesn’t have that Nintendo feel. I’m glad the community is calling them on their bullshit, even if it’s still a step in the right direction imo.

  12. What they do is shitty, but I am not sure if it would be better for us if they went the SEGA way. At least right now we have the NintendoVsSonyVsMicrosoft competition. Sad that Steam machines couldnt join and compete against them, too.

  13. I've never had issues with Breath of the Wild on Switch.

  14. I mean, Horrizon Zero Dawn is basically Zelda on ps4.

  15. Nintendo: 🤑💸💸💸💸💸💸

  16. I love my Switch. I play it every day but yeah the prices on their games are outrageous because they rarely ever get price drops. Their defense is the quality that people are willing to pay for. I feel like it's similar to how Apple charges so much for their products. Same idea. Nintendo also makes full fledged games without micro transactions and have said it has no place in their Switch releases. That should be at least respected because that's awesome.

  17. The last Nintendo hand-held I ever had was the first DS and before that it was the original Gameboy. You hit the nail on the head back when you did the video on the cake-slice 2DS with no 3D ability, and since then every hand-held Nintendo has come out with has continually made your point. They always rob Peter to pay Paul regarding features. On one hand (pardon the pun) it's annoying that Xbox hasn't developed any hand-held system yet, but on the other they're probably so repulsed by shit like this that they'd rather just stay the hell out of that market altogether. Good video, and good choice of background music. Anthem Beat, my jam!

  18. IS even more of your video uploads on your Channel. You Great.

  19. I got my switch a year ago and I regret it so much

  20. I was ready to defend Nintendo (cuz i luv em') but this is retarded funny. The prices make 0 sense.

  21. Totally agree I have one and only play it when i feel stale on the ps4

  22. The #1 thing holding me back on the Switch is the damn price and #2 is still not enough games for me. I honestly am satisfied just going to my friends to play Smash Bros. Nintendo makes it ridiculously expensive to jump onto their new consoles. I'm perfectly happy with my PS4 that was $250 with a game packaged with it and a free PS plus trial. Meanwhile Nintendo can't even make a package deal for the Switch, even that 1 2 Switch game wasn't packaged. I'm still rocking the 3DS and my old consoles because of the large libraries. I'd rather invest in my current game consoles then a Switch where every component is gimmicky and wants to be sold separately. Good video Radiumz.

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