IT НОВОСТИ: IGN News Live: It's All Been Building to a Resident Evil 4 Remake 2021

Welcome back to another week of NG+! Today we’ll be discussing the Resident Evil 4 Remake, rumors of new Crysis, Dead Island and TimeSplitters titles, the ESRB crackin’ down on loot boxes again, Cyberpunk DLC plans, and why Jesse Eisenberg isn’t out there plugging the Snyder Cut.

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  1. Resident evil 1 and 0 remake in virtual reality

  2. I wouldn't mind having a Code Veronica Remake

  3. why do i HATE ign staff…

  4. Ahh, I'll buy it on a high price

  5. I wasted 54 minute of my day off only to hear 5 mins of re4 talk.

  6. This guy really said resident evil 5 and 6 didn't really sell well. They sold the best out the whole franchise. xD It goes to show that they don't do their research. Also you can innovate on a remake. That is why resident evil 2 and 3 are different from the original games. If people really expect the same game out of resident evil 4 they are going to be disappointed. It will be different and cut content or more content or whatever it ends up being it's different. Just like final fantasy 7 remake verse the original.

  7. They might as well remake 5 and 5 as well if it's TRUE that theres a possible resident evil 4 remake.

  8. Def would rather have a CV remake over 4

  9. After Resident Evil 4 Remake releases (if ever): "It's All Been Building to a Resident Evil 5 Remake"

  10. Would rather see a code Veronica remake

  11. They should remake, RE: Gaiden and RE: 6. Remake them into great games. Hell do operation raccoon city, dead aim, survivor. Remake the bad ones and make them great.

  12. Why is everyone pretending that Code Veronica doesn't exist. It should get one first.

  13. I want resident evil 5 remake 😩

  14. I wouldn't mind a remake with more smoother controls.

  15. Dude, 5 and 6 are the best selling ones!!!

  16. i m playing re 4 on my android and uploading gameplay videos on my channel, if u want to watch re 4 gameplay, u know what to do 😅

  17. why the remake the 4 , stop four are master p , stop please capcom.

  18. Capcom needs to worry about RE8 & then take it from there. RE8 is needed. I hope they do make The Evil Within 3. Outlast Trials I'm pumped up about too. DI2 as well

  19. 0-1 don't need remakes u chump, u wanna see Uncle Ben's death for the 1000th time ?
    5-6 sold really well despite their controversies
    4 doesn't need a remake, whatever the rumors are big team, 4y dev, cap+plat devs, whatever… WHY? no one asked for it.
    8 , Rev 3, C-V, Outbreak, Dead Aim… DINO CRISIS? WHEN ?

    i know it's on track for 2022 or something and 8 comes first but i still feel that this is a make or break with 4

  20. Resident evil 4 Remake great detras de ti imbecil

  21. So dumb, they should of RE-made RE1 or Code: Veronica then RE4 after. Well If they make RE4 as scary and story as long as RE2 remake and the action like RE3, only then will buy I it but lesson learned from RE3 I'll be waiting for plenty reviews before I buy it.

  22. I guess for resident evil 4 they just want to put there take on it like they have with re2 re3 remake. Resident evil 4 is my favorite re game plus one of my favorites of all time.

  23. How they just gonna skip code Veronica and the outbreak games

  24. I spent the most time playing RE5. So much replay value.

  25. What I want is a REAL RE 1 remake and not just that reimagined/remastered. It's hard to play the original style from RE if you started out with the RE 2 and 3 play engine/style.

  26. I feel like it would be better to do Code Veronica next as it would benefit much more from a remake, plus it would give RE4 a chance to age a bit more and actually make a remake of that a little more appealing, and RE4 could then potentially be a next gen game. Code Veronica was my first Resident Evil game, so I'd love to see it re-imagined.

  27. The remake should be 3rd preson

  28. 🗣Remake Veronica, then 0 & 1 with the RE Engine before you tackle 4. It’ll be better profit!

  29. Why give it a remake lol… Literally the top og resident evil game. Jesus Christ the milky sameness for remaking resident evil games. Getting boring real quick.

  30. Re4 is the most overrated re

  31. I loved Resi 6, I played it to death after recuperating from an Injury, that and dragons dogma dark arisen on ps4

  32. 1). The masterpiece don't need to remake.
    2). Even 15 years later, Re4 is still new school. Its use same camera angle , same gameplay as new resident evil games.
    It's not old enough to remake. Unlike fixed Camera resident evil games.
    3). it was ported so many times in variants platform(2007-Wii Edition/pc , 2008-Mobile Edition , 2011 — Resident Evil 4 HD , 2013-Android/Samsung , 2014 — Ultimate HD Edition , 2016-PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ). the latest released is in 2019 (Nintendo Switch )

    it's coming nearly present day.

    is it long enough to make you miss it and want to see it again in remake?
    especially. after see what they did with re3 remake. I'm afraid that the new re4 would be downgraded.

  33. No Tina Amini or Casey Defreitas………….pah!

  34. They better do Code Veronica 😩 not re4. Re4 still holds up 😥 I mean…

  35. Dont remake what is already perfect

  36. We don’t need it..the original stay looks and plays brilliantly

  37. I dont mind a remastered version like 2 and 3 but a remake pls no the game is already perfect how it is

  38. I want An action RE 😔

  39. We need a code Veronica remake not a re4 remake

  40. I just hope at some point the Remakes make their way to Switch. We are still missing some form of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

  41. Resident evil 4 was really that great of a game to be honest

  42. Leon from RE4 is my favorite character and i hope Capcom dont ruin his beauty:,,,)
    But honestly RE4 dont need remake but they know better

  43. I just want deadspace 1or 2 remake

  44. All of you are super uninteresting to listen to.

  45. I want to play it with next gen graphics(much better than re2 and re3 remake).

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