IT НОВОСТИ: Big News For NVIDIA Stock Price! Is it too late to buy NVDA Stock? New NVDA Grace CPU! Best Stock 2021

Big News For NVIDIA Stock Price! Is it too late to buy NVDA Stock? New NVDA Grace CPU! Best Stock. Today was NVIDIA Investor Day and the Stock Price is up big. Here is Why NVDA is my favorite Stock!!

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I do have a position in NVDA

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NVDA stock price is currently all over after reporting its Nvidia earnings report. I am considering if I should buy NVDA Stock. This is an NVDA stock analysis based on recent Nvidia stock news. Most information can be found in Nvidia Investors Relations. Too Late to Buy Nvidia Stock? This is a look at Nvidia 2021 Earnings, NVDA Earnings. Nvidia Stock Price Today might be a bit overvalued to some. Nvidia Stock Price Prediction show what analyst feel on NVDA stock price.

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  1. Are you an NVDA bull or a bear?

  2. The major risk for overseas investors is the US dollar will continue to fall as the Fed is printing too much money.

    What is nvidia PE ratio on a forward basis?

    Although there is a real risk of the US market collapsing (rising interest rates and/or inflation) I recently bought a small position when the price fell a month or so ago. Its done well since.

    I think over the long term even if the US market crashes nvidia will do well.

    Do NOT buy US stocks with borrowings as the downside risks are high. Moreover, I know its difficult but if you are sitting on huge gains it may be wise to take some money out of the market. Holding a decent cash position could set you up for decades if this market crashes. We are getting closer to the end of this bull market

  3. Does anyone have a valuation analysis on nvidia?

  4. Not interested about self driving cars, but who ever owns ARM will have great future. I think that X86 is going out and ARM is going to replace it. Laptops first and then desktops and data centers. I really hope Nvidia can go through that deal with Softbank.

  5. Super neat I must say!!!😍😍❤️❤️

  6. I'm glad I finally bought some Nvidia during the whole gamestop uncertainty downday 😀

    Very exciting news. Nvidia is coming for Intel with the data center offensive.

  7. bullish on this stock for a long time

  8. I love Nvidia more but cheers lol It’s one of the companies I believe can reach a 1T cap ☺️

  9. My number 1 position by far!!

  10. Best company and ceo in the world. Even after this gain, you can still buy!! I would not be surprised if this hits above $700 this year. This is a company to hold and add to. Do not sell if it ever dips. They do it better than anyone!!!!

  11. Tier 1 stock. Let’s go team green!

  12. How can anyone not be super bullish on Nvidia? Gaming, AI, datacenter/cloud, EVs, crypto mining, it's an unbelievable company!

  13. NVDA is a stock I basically never bother to check its price. I just own it.

  14. it's so much overvalued right now, safer to buy some value stocks at this moment and purchase such hype stock when there will be another correction like in March

  15. Number 4 in my portfolio behind TTD, SHOP and MA in that order. Jensen Huang rocks!
    I love founder led companies when possible.

  16. Wish I could afford NVDA ,currently holding 40 shares of PINTEREST

  17. Hi Jose! Why if yo are so bullish in robotaxis (or you think that's the future) you don't invest in TSLA?

  18. Great 👍 job and keep it up 👍 bro 😎

  19. NVIDIA works with a startup company that has a product called "sidecar".

  20. Shure I do own shares of NVIDIA. I would like to buy more. But I have almost no cash left right now. So I'm about to do some swing trading this and next month to get a little more cash.

  21. I'm waiting for a pullback. Hopefully back to $500 so I can buy in again

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