ДИЗАЙН: Apple Music HIFI Event BEFORE WWDC? New Apple Watch Design! 2021

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All of a sudden the Apple Press is seemingly convinced that Apple has a new High fidelity music streaming service ready to launch in the “Coming Weeks” — this would bring lossless, or at least less lossy music to Apple Music — lets call it Apple Music HiFi for now. There had been questions about whether Apple would launch such a service since Spotify announced their own HIFI service, as well as in the wake of AirPods Max being released last December. The service is rumoured to cost $9.99 per user, although it’s unclear if that’s a surcharge over the base cost or means that HiFi would be included in Apple Music subscriptions by default.

And speaking of AirPods, It would surely make sense for Apple’s next generation AirPods that we’ve been seeing leaks of recently to come along with any new music service. There expected to be the third generation of Apple’s true wireless buds with a new design and potentially wireless charging as standard at $149.

There have also been rumours of other AirPods lines, including AirPods X (presumably based on the low cost Beats), AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro Lite which might be the worst product name I’ve heard in my life.

If there IS to be a May event, I’d expect it to be on May 11th with invites going out tomorrow, May 4th, but A few weeks could also refer to WWDC. If there is another product event before WWDC though, I’d expect the event to be filled out with M1X Macs, most likely the larger iMac but possibly also with MacBook Pro models and a Mac mini.

Apple Watch could well be set to join the rest of Apple’s product line up with a redesign this year in September, and the renders you can see now show what an Apple Watch with the flat sided design from iPad Pro and iPhone 12 could look on your wrist. As always our renders come from Apple_Tomorrow on Twitter, and show just how amazing these could look.

As I’ve mentioned before, Apple Watch could also be adding Blood Glucose monitoring in 2021, bringing even more information in addition to the flagship watch’s ECG and blood oxygen level monitoring, fall detection and irregular heartbeat detection. Add to that keeping you active and moving, and Apple Watch is seriously good for your health.

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Vik-Thor Rose Asks… Dave, what to you think is the possibility of Apple releasing an updated iPad mini? (I’ve got a 4th gen, and the battery is starting to lose capacity… I’d like to get one with Apple Pencil.)

Jim Frank III Asks… eye cave answers What is the best way to move all my iTunes data from my Windows 10 laptop to a Mac mini Big Sur. Will I have to reenter my iPhone encryption code? Thanks Dave, keep up the great work.

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  1. Apple HiFi right before wwdc? That would be a surprise. My thought would've been it would be announced at WWDC then announce airpods 3. At least that was my theory. And yea definitely would love to see the vintage macs! Sign me up for that!

  2. #iCaveAnswers plz make a video on best browser for m1 macbooks or suggest me a good browser other than safari or chrome 🙏🙏

  3. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of the original iPod, what if they would give an update the iPad touch, or a re-release of the click wheel iPod

  4. Yes, please, bring HiFi…

  5. Apple would want to improve the quality of its music because it is not good. I say this as a subscriber. I am always seconds away from canceling. I have more complaints about the music app interface and the playlists, but I will refrain for now.

  6. I thought iPhones us AAC Bluetooth which isn’t capable of lostless?

  7. Nice thoughts on the how to migrate from windows to Mac for music. I have the nightmare of moving to Canada from the UK and Apple told me that I would lose all my playlist when they migrated, if I allowed them, to a Canadian iTunes account. I’m not sure they realise how much we invest in our playlist so I’ve declined for now.

  8. I own an ipad pro 11“ and an ipad mini 5. The mini is the one that follows me everywhere. The mini brought back the delight in me for reading (e)books again. The form factor is simply divine. Doing creative work (music prod/video edit/drawing) on the go, on it, is just great. The old design doesn‘t bother me one bit. That‘s what makes the mini so special imo.

  9. i think the ipad mini is great to use on the go. I used the first gen to play games on my way to school in 2011 😀

  10. #iCaveAnswers do you think that Apple keeping the App Store as the only way to get apps on the iPad will hinder the iPad Pro becoming more “Pro”?

    Context: Some developers have been vocal about their dislike of the 30% of revenue that Apple take as a few for using the App Store. The Epic Games case made further noise about the issue.
    On a Mac running MacOS a user can download software from anywhere on the internet or physical media. The iPad is still a very closed shop when it comes to installing software.

  11. The problem with MBPs having M1X instead of M2X is that their single core performance would suffer compared to M2. Why release the updated MBPs four months early with sucky single core performance and have updated Airs and low end MBPs in four months with screaming M2s? Browsers and UI responsiveness leverage single core performance not multicore. Why not just have a massive release in the fall just like always? #iCaveAnswers

  12. Air Pods "Pro" for amateurs!

  13. Greek Easter Monday so I am late …..watching now.

  14. ipad pro mini with thin bezels and a lower binned M1 chip would be awesome.

  15. Maybe a new homepod during the rumored music event? possibly an apple soundbar?

  16. @iCave — David Eden-Sangwell
    how about running archeo versions of software used today on Your archeo macs ?
    i read somewhere really old versions of Photoshop etc. are available for free from "museum sites"

  17. 2:00 Yes it’s a redesign, the screens are much larger

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