IT НОВОСТИ: Some people see GameStop as a stick-it-to-the-man opportunity: Sorkin 2021

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin discusses the surge in GameStop shares and just who it is that could be hurt. There are no fundamentals behind what’s happening here, he says. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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45 комментариев
  1. Wealth transfer from the Boomers to the Millenias. I like it…

  2. 1:27 Sorkin you deserve to be flayed. I remember my family selling their home for 20% of it's actual price, we then went on food stamps for years and while I was in school during the winter my peer once donated me a winter coat because I went to the bus stop in -20 degree weather because my family literally couldn't afford to buy me a winter coat.

    Then this ABSOLUTE POS is going to tell me "oh yea the hedge funds work on fundamentals and gamestop isn't working on fundamentals". The subprime mortgage crisis which was caused by hedge funds was working on the fundamentals of pumping the system with terrible debt that they knew would not be paid off and basically sold them to people fraudulently causing the bubble to burst screwing over people like me. I hope you go to hell Sorkin and every POS who is like you.

  3. Imao look at those shills

  4. 0:06 smile because im pay by Hedge funds

  5. Class war has never meant more than it does now. Andrew “The Shill” is whoring himself out to misinformation & the Hedge funds who steal from our retirements every day. Screw you all.

  6. This isn't happening for the reasons many people think and it won't end the way many people think.

  7. Don't forget CNBC's and NBC'S role in collapsing companies for these hedge funds. Even SNL has Kate Mckinnon dunking on GameStop in their skits. She probably has no idea what she's doing. Criminals!

  8. Pensions? Yeah, I know they will go on about teachers or firefighters' pensions but look most of these Hedge fund assholes are just rich assholes. Gee, now those same Wall Street types and their political lackeys are calling for regulations after years of lobbying against them which led to the 2008 meltdown to.

  9. Holding till Mars! 💎🙌💎🙌 🚀🚀

  10. Got so into the ridiculous narrative here that i almost forgot to dislike this trash CNBC-pro wallstreet propaganda

  11. Yeah, from my heart, a big FU Sorkin, you turd.

  12. It isn't a crime until the wrong guys start losing

  13. They really do cry out in pain, don't they?…..We need to remove these creatures from our media, our places of high finance, our academia, and our politics. They've done enough damage to their host countries.

  14. Some people see CNBC as market allies. They are either hedge funds or fools. I remained subbed because I found CNBC to be good for market news, but this is a bridge too far. This LEFTIST investor is moving over to Fox Business. Thanks a lot.

  15. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

  16. Wall Street shill, Jim Kramer, explains how to PROPERLY put on a short squeeze and manipulate a stock. He’s had lots of practice.

    It’s Kramer and other HF assholes who should be under the gun, regulated, censored and in-prisoned. Not your Average Joe.

  17. Common folk shouldn't feel an ounce of pity for the big fish finally getting their comeuppance. These are the lowest parasitic life forms in the universe. They haven't worked an honest day in their life.

  18. "…who think they're sticking it to the man, but the question is whether they'll ultimately going to be sticking it to themselves."

    I stick it to myself all the time honey, and I'm sure most of the WSB bois have been on the receiving end of it being stuck for most, if not all, of their lives. It's not so bad when it's a choice, but when it's not, when it's a diamond-handed ape who maintains eye contact the entire time, I can see why you'd be concerned. I'm sure your crocodile tears for the little guy taste delicious. I like that this cat thinks he's passing on words of wisdom with this, but, like water off a duck's back, so too does this wisdom slides right off the smooth brain of the typical redditor. Such a shame, considering how sincere his concern for the little guy retail investor he was just trying to bankrupt a few months a go clearly is.

  19. Almost every time Mr. Sorkin responded to the “hedge funds” getting done to them what the “hedge funds” do every day to companies and individual (so-called retail investors) he put his head down and said, basically, “yeah, but that is not the way it is suppose to.” The hedge funds are the convention, the standard, legally, socially and government accepted “Masters of the Universe.” As to who the ultimate “losers” are … so called pension funds , etc. … it is in fact these people who, after the financial titans, hedge fund mangers, who are destroying the common people, the United States citizen.
    You doubt it? How many common people have pension funds? How many common people have any retire plans? How many common people draw retire money or non-retirement money from owning stocks or from Wall Street hedge funds.
    As for the comparison of GameStop and Delta Air Lines, what would be the monetary, financial value of Delta Air Lines without the United States Government, which is to say, the U. S. taxpayer, the common people, bailing out Delta Air Lines?
    Answer: bankruptcy, insolvency and financial graveyard.
    Simply, the common people are to be bruised, battered and impoverished for and by their betters.
    Or, why have a “Democracy?!”
    dennis hanna

  20. Sorkin? A member of the tribe?

  21. Stick it where the sun don't shine.

  22. There is no fundamental in price. price = supply meets demand. shorties created high demand in stocks. So blame on hedge fund. CNBC is worse than animal.

  23. The billionaire tears hydrate me🖕🏿🙌🏿🙏🏾🤣

  24. Pump and dump is what wall street has been doing for years so now that someone else figured out how to beat them at their own game it is not longer legal? Hypocrisy as usual

  25. Sorkin: wi wi wi wi 😭😭😭

  26. Fundamental are created from no where. What a condescending ass. Pensions and long terms have always screwed the little guy.

  27. More lies. More filthy lies…. at least they're getting my views… and dislikes.

  28. This retail investor isn't going to be a real loser. I BOT GME at 17.51 on 1/4/21 because the Hedgeye analyst said it could be a $30 or $40 stock one day. I sold as high as $417.51. What's missing here is some of the hedge fund analysts were looking back, not forward. They went all in and made themselves vulnerable with leveraged shorts when they were wrong. It's not a $417 stock, but it's not a $2 stock either. On fundamentals, "it could be a $30 or $40 stock". That's what Brian McGough was telling us in December.

  29. So when Sorkin says "Pensioners" are doing the shorting does he mean they are the borrower or the lender? I've heard of pensions lending but not actually doing the short selling. That sounds like it would be a huge problem. What if the short sellers simply can't afford to buy it back and default on their deal?

  30. are those tv guys interviewing each other all the time?

  31. Some rich pension then

  32. Once the climb ends there will be losers

  33. How is it that there is no Corey Wyatt ANYWHERE listed on Google, Youtube, INTERNET, that is searchable????

  34. The only Ponzi scheme is Wall St. They fixed the casino long ago and rake in the cash. Take your lumps, sell your 10th home and your Lamborghini and change your sh*tty behaviour.

  35. If Pension Funds allow their brokers to short selling …. Maybe they deserve it or this should be banned

  36. we understand very well Andrew,we understand you are an awful human

  37. These guys don't understand the power of social media Facebook Twitter has taken down governments made revolutions and they still continue to doubt the power of social media

  38. Andrew Sorkin is a corporate shill lying through his teeth. I think people are getting a first class education on market manipulation for the first time.

  39. The system is rigged and it has been fully exposed and it should be further revealed that Wall Street is a fraud,a criminal enterprise. The secret that they steal just a bit off the top of the entire pension complex. I would love to see the arrest of money changers and thieves.

  40. Juice gonna be juice. Always defend their tribe.

  41. Maybe don't let melvin short 140% of the float…..

  42. Oh, so nice of Sorkin to be concerned for the little people. Clown!

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