ДИЗАЙН: Sci-Fi APC + Modeling Kitbash | Design Highlight #12 2021


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  1. Any chance for maya tutorials?

  2. Do you do any work critiques? might be a good series (also I have work that I would love to be critiqued xD)

  3. The music kicking in right after mentioning the chamfering…nice

  4. Hey! have you tried decalmachine for blender?

  5. I think it can be difficult to judge assests by themselves (not just referring to blocky guns). Depending on their context they could look either too simple, too complex, or like baby bear's porridge just right

  6. Interesting video. Any chance you could make a video showing the process for making zbrush alphas/IMMs coming from moi3d?

  7. I've seen your character series video, and I like it. Is there any chance to see something like this again

  8. as an avid firearms enthusiast… the blocky gun @ 0:32 does not seem very ergonomic

  9. i really appreciate these videos ! My review is these fantasy pieces on artstation and now in moives, are so terribly overdesigned in a wrong way, they dont mimic the design's purpose anymore. I understand they enjoy the job but its important to know when to stop, because at a point its not believable anymore. Like i look at Vitaly Bulgarov works, nice designs but so unnecessarily overdetailed which we escape from in real life because the more the detail the more the corrosion, production problems, material errors etc. So this thing makes it a little bit "unfuturistic" and ineffectual in scifi games and movies. I start to play a game and i had to turn it off after 30mins because of the massive unwanted visual stimulus cuz of overtexturing and overdesigning, irritating HUD etc 😀 all the best, keep going !

  10. I like dem blocky guns but I think Maciej Kuciara does it better.

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