АДМИНИСТРИРОВАНИЕ: Introduction to Perl — Perl Tutorial for Beginners 2021

https://www.guru99.com/perl-tutorials.html this tutorial introduces PERL
What is Perl?
Perl stands in for «Practical Extraction and Reporting Language»
Where is Perl used?
The most popular use of Perl is in Web development. Perl is also used to automate many tasks in the Web servers, and other administration jobs, it can automatically generate emails and clean up systems.
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  1. Learned more here in 5 mins than in 2 weeks in my class. lol

  2. great video! short, useful and complete! 😀

  3. Very clear and simple to understand.

  4. The little number of comments for this video Shows, that Perl is still Not very much in demand apparently…

  5. There is no better place to learn than here. Creates the perfect mood to learn anytime.Hattsoff!

  6. Can you please release a video that only plays your music. I've been hearing it in my head while sleeping.

  7. If the shebang is commented out why use it?

  8. Good job! Keep up the good work!
    BTW at 3.06 you make a mistake by saying that in order to run the perl script you use bash scriptname.pl 

  9. haha! Nice! Once you're done with the Linux tutorials you should definitely consider doing Perl tutorials. Keep up the good work!

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