АДМИНИСТРИРОВАНИЕ: [CC/FULL] Dr. Romantic EP13 (2/3) | 낭만닥터김사부 2021

A story about Boo Yong-joo (Han Suk-kyu), a genius and triple-board certified surgeon, who was once at the top of his field and used to work at Seoul’s top hospital, Geodae. After a traumatic incident, he disappears and changes his name to Kim Sa-bu. He begins working at a small hospital named Doldam, located in Gangwon Province. He guides Kang Dong-joo (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Yoon Seo-jeong (Seo Hyun-jin) to become great doctors by teaching them to fight against power and money for the sake of patients.

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  1. When you finally realize that you care about Dong-Joo

  2. When they said it could be MERS. I thought of coronavirus and ran into my bathroom and washed my hands

  3. corona was discovered in 2015 in Saudi a respiratory syndrome … had same effects like this but as you know scietnitst saod that as time passes virus will become more and more powerful… so yeah covid 19 had an evolution and is still having thats why every new wave of covid 19 is powerful as compared to previous one

  4. He resemble so much with EXO sehun

  5. I am really disappointed in Dr.Do(the second lead)I never thought that he will tell his father about the operation😭😭

  6. I am not confident but I think chairman having same symptoms as MERS

  7. MERS means Middle Ea
    East Respiratory Syndrome.
    A viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus

  8. I love you Dr Kim

  9. This episode is giving me vibes of corona. Like buisness trip from china and all it is just altered a bit

  10. OMG😱 Corona & MERS are frnds…. This episode reminds me the lockdown🤯🤯😤😤😤

  11. We're in the Gulf.
    We don't have any virus.

  12. I am from saudi Arabia 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    but Corona is originally from a camel but not all camels have corona, but infects by touching only

  13. How dare u make Teacher kim angry??😤😤😡😠🤬

  14. Sector chief(chief Jang) is awhole different mood…especially the way he talks😂

  15. Really awesome drama …Infact Korean dramas are outstanding ….Love from India

  16. Merci beaucoup pour votre gentilesse et excellent film !

  17. MERS is Middle Eastern Respiratiry Syndrome -related corona virus, is a species of corona virus which infects Humans,Bats ,Camels. MERS waa first identified in Suadi Arabia in 2012 . Corona viruses are large family of viruses that can cause diseases ranging from common cold to severe acute respiratory syndorme (SARS)

  18. It looks like covid-19

  19. Guys every series will have atleast one episode about pandemic outbreak be it Grey's anatomy housemd dr.romantic etc bcz they happened Atleast twice in every century smallpox plague cholera anthrax etc corona is far better than previous ones regarding deaths but severe in spread, sudden onset symptoms and vaccine stay home and be safe

  20. This mers reminds me of corona virus😔😭

  21. Their cough remind me of corona virus

  22. Covid19 in this episode

  23. i was like wait if this is corona i'm leaving

  24. ok LOVE THE DRAMA, the actors and scenarios BUT as a trained ex military medical staff I can tell you this scenario is all WRONG and for one simple reason.. CROSS INFECTION particularly in a small 'hospital' like this (lets remember this IS FICTION) can cause serious problems re the problem here being whatever the family have is CONTAGIOUS. ie it spread from the father to the mother to the son? CONTAGIOUS/INFECTIOUS! SO how would I have reacted to the ongoing scenario? 1st ! Immediately ISOLATE the individuals from STAFF and other patients/visitors UNTIL whatever it is is identified.. separate room, cubicle DRAW THE CURTAINS et SO, lets recap on this as it is a valuable lesson particularly during this crisis that we are all going through re the Covid 19 pandemic.. 2. Restrict the number of individuals the patients come into contact with.. thus reducing the risks re spreading whatever it is .. Which leads us back to the Covid 19 scene — DO NOT if you need medical treatment in similar situation take whatever you have to a doctors surgery, the accident and emergency centre et and or similar!! Call on medical help ! Be aware, take care and be SAFE not just re yourselves but for others!! OK nough said let's see how the situation unfolds.. not looking good.. Ah we love these dramas.. 👀👍😨

  25. If this movie was made in 2020, it would be corona not MERS.

  26. Wow lockdown 🥺

    Corona go

  27. I work at a hospital and this reminds me of when corona came 😩 It was so scaryyyyy. And I was so scared of accidentally spreading the virus to the sick patients 💔 Seeing coronapatients has also been really scary 😖

  28. Why have Kang Dong Joo open his mask in ER?
    He does not need to show his face

  29. This episode giving me chill

  30. دقيقه ليش إنصدمو يوم قال السعوديه 🙂
    لا يكون ضالميننا ويقولون حنا جبنا مرض لهمم؟😭

  31. This drama can see the future😢😢

  32. Saudi Arabia?!

    Me; You mean like Corona Virus? ….Meh

  33. This episode reminded me of the descendents of the sun

  34. 와… 지금 이 상황이 전 세계에서 일어나고 있다고 생각하니 끔직하다… 보통은 그냥 테스트 없이 단순 감기 치료만 해주다가 결국 다 감염되고 알게되겠지…저때 한국 메르스대처 상황도 엉망인데 지금이랑 비교하면 진짜 많이 다르네. 질본대처 속도하며;;;

  35. Omg ..here also corona??

  36. It remi ds of descendents of the sun

  37. السعودية حاضرة بقوة

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