ДИЗАЙН: How I Design & Create My Wax Melt Snap Bar Labels From Scratch | Youtube 2021

So many of you send me messages asking me to show you how I make my Wax Melt Snap Bar Labels from Scratch. Well, here you are.

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Whichever Label Programme you use you will hopefully be able to find a template that will work for this label.
I’ve been using PrintShop for 15 years but am unable to any longer because it is not compatible with the latest versions of Mac.
So today I had to start afresh and I am using the Online Labels program:-
«Maestro Label Design» can only be used if you buy labels from
Online Labels give you a code every time you buy and each code lasts for a year.
(I am not sponsored).

Online Labels UK

Online Labels AU


Online Labels US


When you buy images to use on your labels when selling products you MUST check that the
images you buy are Royalty-Free PLUS will need to buy a license for that image, depending on
what you want to do with it, the price will be whatever the seller chooses.
The most I have paid for such licensed images is approx £50!
If you are not selling products with these images on, then you can pick them up for around
£3.50 per set, for personal use.
ETSY has thousands of great affordable downloadable options.

The following Websites sell such images (I am not sponsored).

Today’s SONG is «June’s Lullaby»
On Epidemic Sound

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  1. Thanks Karan, for teaching this has helped me a lot,

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, I feel I can jump in a create some labels now!!! I so much want to make some of your wax melts but for the life of me can't find the right size molds. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your molds you use.

  3. So informative! I've been using Maestro for the past four years and I love it. I love watching your foiling videos! Your labels are always gorgeous!

  4. Bless your cotton socks. Very informative and explained in lay mans terms. One question tho. I normally use an 8% Fl, does this have to be stated instead of the 10%. I have moved another step forward to starting my business.

  5. Thank you for making this. I'm still trying to figure out the personality of my labels. It's always nice to see what other people do because it helps you form your own ideas 💕

  6. Thank you Karen for sharing this

  7. 🌺Even after 7.5yrs of owning a business Making & Selling Soy Candles + Soy Melts & Natural Body Products Incl Organic Soaps etc I can still learn off you. Iv used Avery but haven’t liked it much so iv been lazy n used Vistaprint to create from their images/backgrounds.
    🌸I thank you very much for sharing your Tips & Tricks.
    🌼Where did you get your foil labels?
    🌻Can the Foil labels be printed out by a Inkjet printer?

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