ДИЗАЙН: Design Systems Aren’t Hard (But They Are Complex) 2021

Design systems are often thought of in terms of the visible parts — a Sketch file, a repository of React code, a documentation website. But these are only the artifacts of the system. A design system is actually the thinking and the decision making and the principles of your organization. Producing the artifacts is the easy part — maintaining the institutional value of the design system is the hard part.

In this talk we’ll dive into the lessons I’ve learned during my time working on a large design system for a fast growing company. Hopefully we can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and enjoy the quiet satisfaction of working on a design system so successful no one ever thinks twice about it.


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The original video was published with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvJ4-_BjXyg

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  1. Thank you for sharing such powerful insights

  2. why do i do x is such an important question.

  3. This is why good technical writers are soooo important. But too many companies treat technical writing as an afterthought. They force "code writers" to be "sentence writers" when those are two entirely different skills. If they do hire technical writers, it is often on a short-term contact, at the end of a project, just to take all the "sentences" written by "code writers" and reformat them to LOOK good as a "design manual" or whatever, with little thought to consistency or whether people can actually "grok" the intended point of the document.

    This is why the internal support team still gets so many "How do I do X?" and "Why?" questions, even after you have published the so-called "documentation." Merely having sentences on a page that are "not wrong" is not good enough.

    Technical writers should be deeply involved throughout the entire lifetime of a project. From initial concept, to the final user documentation.

    (To be clear, I am not trying to denigrate programmers by calling them "code writers." I am merely differentiating between those who are good at writing code and those who are good at writing sentences.)

  4. This is how the Amish can put up a barn in a day. Everyone knows exactly how everything is to be done. They have been taught the methods and goals since childhood.

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  6. Any books or courses recommendation?

  7. Great presentation! Very comprehensive and informative.

  8. The unsaid things about getting things right!

    Good communication is always beneficial and documentation, base guidelines, brand books, coding standards make difference at the end when used together.

  9. smh designers
    just get a raise already lol

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