АДМИНИСТРИРОВАНИЕ: URBEX | Abandoned cold war warning bunker 2021

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In this episode I explore a warning office bunker from the cold war. These bunkers had to warn West German civilians in case of military dangers and ABC attacks.

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  2. It is perhaps relatively normal for something isolated from the elements, but it's amazing how clean and pristine the place is almost 30 years after decommission. Hardly any decay. It is of course partly dismantled, some of the stuff removed, but what remains (which is quite a lot) looks really fine.

  3. Thanks for this excellent chapter, I know you've been feeling understandably distressed by the current situation but hey, you clearly have some A-grade stuff still unreleased. I knew it would the case, but I'm glad to find out first hand and to enjoy it. Cheers!

  4. 90% of your video is looking at the floor.

  5. This bunker is in remarkably good condition. There's barely any rust, no chipping paint or water infiltration issues. It looks like it only needs a quick clean up, new filters for the HVAC and water, and some basic checks, and it's ready for service.

  6. Hey Bob, i am done with my charges now. I can now join the patreon again!

  7. I hope they used that emergency exit for extra supply storage. That was an awful lot of expensive to build space just for steps sticking out of the wall.

  8. Was there a light on in that utility room down that step ladder?

  9. It’s like I’m walking around in “Half Life”.

  10. I would be careful about turning on the lights. Unless that place has sump pumps that run once a while, or a guard patrols and turns on lights once a while — any energy consumption can trigger a warning system that there is somebody actively inside of the place. That's assuming that there is a system setup, which I doubt there is. But as technology improves, I wouldn't be surprised if those systems get setup. It's not hard to do — just send a warning message if power usage spikes, and then if its not anticipated, send a guard to check it out. Often power gets cut off with a lot of abandoned places unless they have to use sump pumps and so forth to "maintain" the place. If a place is not touched often, it can get a "power profile" — i.e. sump pump runs often when it rains often, rarely otherwise else. Great video — just be careful about turning on lights and so forth because power consumption can be measured and can be used as a data point to inform the authorities that somebody might be in that building. Plus depending on vandalism (I've done a data center study on a building that was stripped of its aluminum and copper) — a lot of things could be stripped out, which could lead to power shorts if you turn on something that was cut and shorted out, and that will be a huge spike in energy usage and create a lot of sparks. I've had that happen to me before.

  11. Was that Joe from the Facts Of Life on that locker sticker? 12:35

  12. So much history lost in the sands of time. So much happened before and now is oblivion. Great video. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. That's another really interesting site, Bob. How deep underground was it? It looked like you went down just one flight of stairs to get in.

  14. 9:27 — CAREFUL MAN!! Don't you know the universal laws of entering the bathroom of a scary abandoned place? 🙂

    Those always hide the worst monsters!!

  15. Crazy how some of these bunkers look like someone could walk in at any moment. The engine room looked like someone was just there and just stood up and left. I suppose someone must maintain some of that equipment.

  16. U ever get creeped out exploring these

  17. Nice to see it intact and not smashed and vandalised

  18. great work Bob. definitely appreciate all of the hard work that you put into these videos; this channel should be recognized much more than it is. i know it’ll pay off. best wishes

  19. Red Light still on? Was there light down that under Floor ,where the dead animals lay down ?

  20. Awesome find ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  21. Aaaaah ik zit me helemaal op te vreten hier en te hopen dat je de elektriciteit een keer aanzet en alles probeert of het nog werkt…

  22. Love your content! Keep it up, you guys are awesome!

  23. Welke zaklamp gebruik je?

  24. No expense spared on the HVAC, a lot of money spent on that plant with hardly any running hours, what a waste. Looks like there is still power down there.

  25. Appreciate the english captions for the signs on the doors etc.

  26. Secret Bitcoin farm 😄
    Awesome place !

  27. Still in amazing condition.
    Nice find.

  28. Hello good Urbex 👍👍

  29. Interesting explore, nice extra information on this location. I like the eery music on the back ground. This bunker looks in pretty good condition for being defunct of around 25 years. See you on the next video!

  30. More hospitals please! Great videos 🙂

  31. Those dead animals. Stuck, can't climb the ladder, no food, no water. Mean way to go.

  32. The vibes given off by that audio towards the middle-end. Makes it so eerie!

  33. Saw a documentary on this civil defense warning & coordination network last year and one of the former staffers mentioned that it always felt a bit futile waiting for something not to happen as a profession, especially since it would be a pointless endeavor in the event of an all out nuclear war. All they could do then is go down their to-do lists and then "watch" the country (and later the rest of Europe and much of the world) become incinerated in the nuclear fire. They could only be of any use in a very limited conflict, when cooler heads would prevail instead of trying to win something that cant be won…

    The cold war era is as fascinating as it was frightening! Great explore there! 👌

  34. No glow in the dark lines in this one

  35. Mega bunker !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This exploration with a small flashlight only looks like one of those sketchy horror video games where your light will randomly turn off! Cool atmosphere

  37. Top Location 👍🏻 Top Video 👍🏻

  38. Lol Police Band on the floor, not a good sign, makes me wonder why killer tortured it's victims down there…

  39. 14:33 — jeezuz, what is this audio?

  40. I thought you said cold war warming bunker. These are boring as hell, honestly. Yawn.

  41. Eindelijk weer, zat stiekem te wachten op een verse episode 😄🖐🏻

  42. DIt waren civiele bunkers. Geen militaire. Ooit kocht ik er één van.

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