МАРКЕТИНГ: What is Inbound Marketing? 2021

At http://www.yumyumvideos.com we made this cool video to give you the exact definition of Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology focused on attracting, educating and empowering consumers via relevant content that actually helps and guides them until they are ready to purchase your product or service. That road to purchase is the buyer’s journey, an active exploration or research process that a buyer goes through, prior to and leading up to the actual purchase. It’s made up of 3 stages: Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

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  1. This 2:55 seconds video made me learn more than the number of blog articles i was going through on different search engines.

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  3. Content with context?
    Shouldn't most, if not all, content come with context?
    I'm a little confused…

  4. this Equality is increadible how much
    expreiense your artist have they have background of Bfa
    or some Animation Training

  5. Wow I'm truly impressed of the quality. Great work! Keep it going 🙂

  6. Great Video, thank you!

  7. Wow, this is a great video. Thank you Yum Yum, I appreciate this.

  8. C'est génial il est temps que l'on commence à se suivre non ?

  9. Sans aucune hésitation on applaudit !

  10. Isnt this just another word for growth hacking?

  11. Awesome and informative video. Got scared at the end though I thoguht it was spelling "your mum" lol.

  12. a video very educational, thank you for this interesting topic

  13. amazing this is my inspiration!!!

    i want ask. you create this just one people or you have team ? how much time you created this video until finish ?

  14. so basically SEO? 🙂

  15. Wonderful video. Thanks a bunch.

  16. Best short video I've seen on this topic! Thanks for the clarity.

  17. Wow! Nice, If i may ask, how long does it take to make these video?

  18. can anyone please explain the line, "Content within Context that's inbound marketing"?

  19. Content within Context. Love it!

  20. This video is amazing. The animations, music, and explanation was very well put together. The video had my complete attention. This great. Need more videos like this.

  21. Excellent video, thank you! Very clear and concise!!

  22. awesome video quality content . But why there are few views : (

  23. Indeed a well presented video on inbound marketing.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards

  24. Hey, which software you use here. I am really interested in knowing.
    Thanks in advance

  25. Clear explanation and information, also entertaining motion graphic

  26. Amazing… Engaging, creatively delived info, awesome graphics and colors, I love all ua work 👌👌

  27. cual es la fuente de el logo

  28. + 9,999 views
    LOL I made the last 1 view.

  29. kickass video! totally loved it

  30. This is some high quality Motion graphic! Love it 🙂

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