МАРКЕТИНГ: The ATP's Love It All 2019 Brand Marketing Campaign 2021

The ATP has today unveiled a new brand identity and plans for an ambitious global marketing campaign – built around its «Love It All» message, which highlights the unparalleled excitement and drama delivered by every one of the ATP’s 63 tournaments during the season.

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  1. Anyone know the name of the song and who sings it?

  2. Please back to 2001. Probably the last logo made by someone who actually plays tennis.

  3. The one time atp does something good

  4. Also, the old logo was great, don't need to fix what ain't broken.

  5. Tennis was great without all the marketing and money brought in, more or less until mid 2000s.

  6. The new design of logo looks stunning!

  7. wow, amazing logo, take notes usopen

  8. Instead of rebel for kygrios would've used maverick. Better word. Plus not a fan of the new atp logo. My two cents.

  9. wow, a new logo! Nice to see Stan in the video!!!

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