МАРКЕТИНГ: Is Multi-Level Marketing A Scam? 2021

Is Multi-Level Marketing A Scam?

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  1. The comment section is full of people who don't do research to form their own opinion. If you're an adult and have a brain, you should know better. When you look at the job industry and analyse it, you may be surprised that most jobs out there are a pyramid. A scheme is illegal in the US though. Plus not everything is for everybody. Now everyone, go out there and build your own business and see how it goes. 😁😁

  2. “There’s nothing evil or wrong with the business” _ Dave.
    Every is WRONG with this business…why is Dave not calling it what it is?

  3. Yes. MLM's are scams. Period.

  4. In an MLM you are either ripped off, or ripping off other people. You sell an overpiced product to young people who are too stupid to know better.

  5. People keep throwing around statistics about how most of the people don’t make money. But most of the people also have other jobs and don’t treat the MLM as there job but as a side hustle. Just like with real estate agents. The majority of real estate agents make little money because it’s a side job. Not a full time one. MLM is not evil. I’m not even in MLM and I know that. There are some scammy MLMs yes, but the concept of MLM is not bad or evil.

  6. Shame on Dave Ramsey for not condemning MLMs. They are predatory.

  7. Definition of Ramsey show

  8. I really doubt he knows people who have made $1 million+ in PROFIT a year.

  9. Do it man if the product actually provides fair value.

  10. MLMs they are pushy people that sell bad products, and use people in the process😩

  11. Just think and put two and two together: In a MLM system basically everybody is recruiting and nobody is selling the product, so where does all this "money" come from? Most of it comes from selling the new guys "starter packages" or whatever you call them. Then the career plans are built so that a very large part of that money goes to the top 0.1 percent or even 0,01 percent, so that those few can live the "dream" and show off how great the system works. The product is usually overpriced and non competative the "real world", so the new guys have lots of unsellable stuff at home. The rest is selling dreams and a lot of fluff. Compare it to what actually works in the real world like amazon. That would be all selling and almost no recruiting with basically no sales people. The huge MLM events don´t sell a single piece of stuff and are complete waste of peoples time as far as sales to actual customers is concerned. So, conclusion: I do see a few moral issues in trying to make a living this way and I haven´t even mentioned the pyramid issue.

  12. I don’t understand how Dave can be okay will MLM, unless he is just uninformed on it. He could make such a good impact on helping people stay out and get out of them 😔

  13. MLM's are pyramid schemes period.

  14. Theyre good christians? 😆 Amway is closer to the antichrist and Nero than the beatitudes

  15. What’s evil about the business is the lying and deception they do to get people in the door. I guess it’s not evil if you just lump it under being a salesman.

  16. The majority of people in MLMs make less than Minimum Wage.

  17. I do not know whether there is an endorsement deal here or not. However, @6:51 Dave said, “There’s nothing wrong with it AT ALL”. @7:54 He also said very clearly, “AMWAY FAMILY IS GOOD PEOPLE. THEY’RE GOOD FOLK AROUND THERE. THEY LEAD A LOT OF PEOPLE TO THE LORD. THEY’RE STRONG XTIANS..MOST OF ‘EM. SO.I’M NOT MAD AT THEM.” @Austin BigWig ​​​@Ilovesalsa

  18. Dave needs to speak out more against MLMS. They are pyramid schemes because the only way to make money is to recruit people. They’re extremely sexist and usually hurt women most. Please please do not accept them as legitimate businesses

  19. They should have condemned this. Not acted like this is ok.

  20. You are also a bullshitter extraordinaire in MLM, if you can do it.

  21. "Is this your career goal or not?"
    Becomes vampire

  22. It sounds like Dave was talking about being a trainer for an MLM not an actual person getting people in the company like the bottom leeches

  23. He sounds like a reasonable person. Most people are bias, stereotype, and negative.. is like asking a friend who had a bad marriage, their opinion on marriage, if they are not reasonable, they will tell you marriage, doesnt work.. careful who you ask for advice.

  24. Im not in a mlm, but please look into the movie, tbe founder.. i teach people about money n what insurance, banks dont teach people, who are lying to people. Meaning, standing for whats wrong..

  25. okay good advice thank you.

  26. Join Scamway and you will join the NFL list within a month. (No Friends Left)

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