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  1. Can use and earn form other countrie like Malaysia

  2. Please remove music from videos

  3. Can you please make a video for small online business for kids

  4. Became a gangnam landlord 😂

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  6. Good work you are hand some and your wife so cute

  7. سلام عليكم 💌💌💌🇪🇬💌💌💌

  8. 나는 당신의 비디오를 정말 좋아합니다

  9. Assalamu'alaikum Daud and Mia, if some people say that you are using Islam for money, I just want to say : If I were you, I'd use my YTchannel more to advertise products/services that I like. If I can earn more, I can help more.
    In this time of Riba and lifestyle, if a muslim earn his/her living in halal way and prays 5 times a day, he/she would also insyaallah be grateful to Allah and utilize blessing in right way. They remember that they would be asked for all the blessing that have been given.
    Your channel can have not only 1 intention, you can have many intentions as long as they are all good. You'll be rewarded for all your intentions. Have as many intentions as you can think of.

    We beg Allah for all, not people and most important in our mind is what Allah will think of us. Then, when Allah opens up a chance for us, we should employ it. The problem is, many of us walk pass the chance, hence Allah opens up another and another and another… Alhamdulillah, Allah is Al-Gafur (the Most Forgiving) and Al-Haleem (the Most Forbearing And Clement).
    Allah also gives this Du'a for us who often forget and are ignorant, so that we will be given better path than what have passed us.

    " Except if Allah will. And remember thy Lord when thou forgettest, and say: It may be that my Lord guideth me unto a nearer way of truth than this. "
    [ Al-Kahf 18:24 ]

    " Nouman Ali Khan : Musa's Tasbeeh — Moses Devotion "

    "Getting to Know Allah Through Nature — Aminah Assilmi (Rahimahallah)"

    We are now in middle of month Sha'ban (The hijri Calendar : Rajab — Sha'ban — Ramadan ).
    Our ulama say the month of Rajab is the month to plant. In this month, we busy ourselves with cleaning and preparing the soil to plant the seeds. In this month, we try to stop bad habits and clean our soul (month of Rajab is also 1 of 4 Haram-Month, where in this month our bad deeds have increase punishment).
    Month of Sha'ban is month of watering and growing. We practice doing more and more Ibadah (voluntary Shalah, fasting, Qur'an, Dzikr, charity) in this month.
    Then, Ramadan is the month of harvesting.
    We marvel at people who can finish Qur'an every 3 days in Ramadan, who can pray and doing dzikr 4 hours in the night of Ramadan, who can sleep just 3 hours per day, who goes to work at 8:30 a.m and can restrain their eyes and mouth and ears 15 hours a day and can still smile 1 hour before Iftar …. those people have already began their preparation and practice since 2 months before. Hence they run very fast.
    Ramadan is peak of the peak for Ibadah. The reward of our daily fasting is unlimited, evaluated by Allah. Not to mention, the multiplying of other good deeds of 10 to 700 times.
    And there is 1 night in Ramadan which is better than doing Ibadah for 1000 months, it's more than 80 years of Ibadah. In that night, we try to do as much Ibadah as we can and ask Allah so often for forgiveness.

    We are already very late (I am also just in state of beginning Rajab and at the same time try to accelerate practice of Sha'ban). I hope we won't come to Ramadan with zero preparation, hurry planting seeds and without soil cleaning.
    A horse can't suddenly be put in race and expected to dash.
    Only so much time and energy remain to us, we need all of it, don't waste them on foolish people.

    " Ramadan Ruminations Lesson 1 : Taqwa | Hamza Yusuf "

    " Ramadan Ruminations Lesson 2 : The Good End is for God-Conscious "

    " Ramadan Ruminations Lesson 3 : The Way of Moses or the Way of Pharaoh "

    " Ramadan Ruminations Lesson 4 : Seeing Reality as It Is "

    " Fasting without Taqwa ? | Ustad Nouman Ali Khan "

    " If You Are Thankful — I Will Increase You | #promises "

    These coming weeks are a very good time to learn how to read (arabic) Qur'an, as Ramadan is the special month when Qur'an is revealed and when Jibril taught prophet Muhammad Qur'an the first time — first Ayat : "Read/recite in the name of your Lord who created. " [ Al- 'Alaq 96:1 ]
    The reward for reading Qur'an is based on counting for every alphabet that we recite. When we stutter and stammer as we read, we'll get double the reward of fluent reciter, from which each alphabet will be then multiplied at least 10 times. That means, as beginner we'll get at least 20X reward even if we just read "Nun ن ".
    You can learn how to read Qur'an from YouTubeChannel "Al-Ansar Center". Imam Raza explained it clearly.

    " Qaida Nuraniyah to Qur'an — 2014 "

  10. once we register will they send us the product for free to our address so we can try it then market it ?

  11. Ma Sha Allah you are a Muslim.

  12. Alhamdulillah

  13. don’t use music it’s haram

  14. Still I m thinking affiliate marketing is haram thanks brother duad my concept is clear now may ALLAH SWT reward you ameen

  15. الراحمون يرحمهم الله⚘⚘⚘
    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
      وَمَنْ أَحْيَاهَا فَكَأَنَّمَا أَحْيَا النَّاسَ جَمِيعًا ۚ🌻
    اختكم بالله ام الحسن من فلسطين ارملة زوجي رحمه الله توفاه الله بمرض اللوكيميا واقوم بتربية اطفالي الاربعة
    اعيش انا واطفالي في فقر شديد لا يحتمله انسان وفي اوقات كثيرة اضطر للاستدانة حتى اوفر لاطفالي احتياجاتهم من الطعام
    لا املك غير الدعاء وطلب المساعدة من اخوتنا المسلمين بارك الله فيكم احتاج لمساعدتكم 💙💚
    والله في عون العبد ما كان العبد في عون اخيه..
    للتواصل هذا رقم الواتساب 00970594285902

  16. i have a question how we can share this link in the soical media please telll about it

  17. وعلیکم السلام 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  18. Love From Bangladesh

  19. جزاك الله خيرا

  20. brother thats a scam. its called a pyramid scheme. the people who actually sell the products barely make any money while those couple of people who have started this business make huge profits. Its not worth wasting your time on

  21. God bless you my brother David, your brother from Syria 🇸🇾🇰🇷

  22. i wish it was more than just 5%…

  23. Do you see ertugurul Gazi in urdu?

    It is amazing😀😀😀

  24. Brother why you add music?

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  28. Salam brother thank you for this I just saw you under Islam revert of famous people. Welcome to our beautiful religion you and your wife.

  29. Your wife pray….????.

  30. Me crying cuz I want to tell this world that we are all different but I'm literally proud of this man who's already a step ahead from us💜😊

  31. the promised messiah and Mahdi was Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. isa ibn marayam is not coming back because he's dead. (he didn't die on the cross)

    Even mainstream Sunni scholars admit this https://youtu.be/Z1Czz1HW8jM

    God never punishes a people until He sends down a messanger (this is the sunnatullah, also mentioned in the holy quran) the Muslims are being punished like no other people Syria,Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, rohingya, China, kashmir, Bosnia etc… it seems as time proceeds more punishment is Incurred.

    Wake up ppl the imam mahdi was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

    30 verses of the quran stating the death of Isa ibn maryam https://ahmadianswers.com/quran/

    9 verses of the quran which are misinterpreted/misquoted for Isa ibn maryam being alive https://ahmadianswers.com/jesus/misquotequran/

    explanation of Khatam an-Nabiyyin https://ahmadianswers.com/prophethood/allegationsquran/33-41/

    Explanation for the hadith la nabiya badi https://ahmadianswers.com/prophethood/allegationshadith/last/

    View point of Sahabas on the death of Isa ibn maryam https://ahmadianswers.com/jesus/sahaba/

    Viewpoint of Sahabas on Khatam an-Nabiyyin https://ahmadianswers.com/prophethood/sahaba/

  32. Assalam A'laikum. Love from Uganda

  33. I copied the product link on facebook,now a customer is asking for the product.how to redirect them to the main website?

  34. I love Islam iam Muslim form Pakistan 🇵🇰🤝🇹🇷 Turkey Muslim 🇵🇰🤝🇰🇷 Korean Muslim

  35. Pakistani's love you bro I hope Allah get you Pakistan soon we are waiting for you plz come here Pakistan love koreans 🙂

  36. Masha Allah❤️
    I love your video because it’s beautiful💗
    I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  37. Masha Allah brother thank you Alhamdulillah

  38. I AM FROM TURKEY🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷.

  39. Yes
    Halal for money
    Islam is the only way to improve your belief
    May Allah bless you

  40. Thank you so much for all your support n to help others

  41. Salam, it is halal online business, coz the item is not onhand ,and you cannot sell something that you cannot see

  42. Im from Turkey ı love you daud kim 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  43. I checked your vids from the first one till here
    You used to be a singer
    Made like at least 10vids of singing
    Taking i terrest i. Islam slowly
    Meeting with muslims
    Asking about them and Islam
    You got to know they are kind
    Became a Muslim
    Told your mom
    Abt it
    Slowly you were bieng a kind Muslim
    The first days for you were challenging maybe
    Reunited with your wife and son
    And till now you are pure heart Muslum
    Amazing story
    This needs to be writen

  44. Assalamoalikum please search on youtube Top quran channel Subcribe channel for learn quran with tajweed
    This is the first channel

  45. 한국을 제외한 터키에서 인사드립니다.🔗💖😍🇹🇷🇰🇷🇮🇶

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