ДИЗАЙН: Whatsapp Telegram System Design on AWS | Chat Messaging System Design Interview 2021

The Whatsapp system architecture is a common system design interview question. In this video, we will cover features like one to one messaging, sent/delivery/read receipts, and last online status. This design needs to be scalable, resilient and highly available, and secure.

In addition to the design, this whiteboard architecture is also implemented using AWS services.

0:00​ Requirements and features
2:44​ System Design
13:03​ Sent/Deliver/Read Receipt
15:21​ Last Online Status
18:14​ Implementing Security

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  1. Hi Raj, Many thanks for taking pains and teaching us. I have query, you are talking about microservices here.. However, in the diagram you are using EC2 has the back end where the application code is and using dynamo DB as DB. I am confused as to where does the microservices fit in here?

  2. I have enrolled with your boto3 serverless course on udemy, It is quite thorough, I really liked it. Can you make a course on "System Design using AWS" on udemy? I like your way of explaining things. I hope this message gets out of the QUEUE and get an Acknowledgement…:D

  3. Thanks for the video Raj. I would like to see more of these system designs with cost effectiveness as well.

  4. You talked about bringing code to the edge for last online. However Tina needs to go all the way to BE server to retrieve last online status of Bob. Can Tina subscribe to a SNS Topic to retrieve Bob Last online status. Can there be some other Architecture design ?

  5. Hi Raj, all your videos so many useful yesterday I taken your udemy EKS course, please do video on VPC and Route53 how it's working in application level

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