ДИЗАЙН: The PS4 Has a Built-In Design Flaw That Will Render It USELESS 2021

Sony is shutting down the PS3, PSP, and PSvita stores which is bad enough, but concerning news has come out that when the internal battery of the PS4 and PS3 dies, so does your ability to play games.

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  1. Good thing 95% of all games that I own are physical and that I love physical media, lol.

  2. This is why Xbox is better then Playstation

  3. seriously Sony what happened to that Japanese mentality of honoring the past. the same can be said for Nintendo too. the only Japanese company that I have seen recently that actually somewhat cares about their legacy of games is Sega and even they aren't that good about it

  4. If Nintendo and PlayStation continue to do stuff like this, I’m just going to stop buying new consoles. If I can’t play on my consoles for as long as they live, then what’s the point? I feel like Sony is trying to force you to buy the new consoles, because you have no choice. But really… it’s doing the exact opposite for me. I don’t want my time with these consoles to be designed to be temporary. If my console dies, that’s one thing… but if it’s designed to be temporary… then why should I trust them again when I’m buying a new console?

  5. Welcome to the future where the little guy owns nothing. It's a guarantee to a constant source of cash.

  6. Just bought a vita. An now the store is gone, wtf

  7. Legality should always take precedence over morality, this is an exception to that imo

  8. Problem is most modern physical games have very few data on the disc and games that do need updates to play anyway. So essentially you’re screwed once enough time has passed between console generations

  9. PS3 emulator is getting to perfect state.

  10. Now I'm glad I got a Switch. I was debating whether to get a Switch or a PS4 and ended up going with the Switch. I figured I'd get a used PS4 in a couple of years but I'm not going to now because of this issue, which really sucks because there were a good number of PS4 exclusives I was interested in.

  11. I used to be a console junky, but when I found out Sony locked all of my PSPlus games for not owning PSPlus, I knew something wasn't right, not to mention the fact that you can't play any games online without paying $60 a year! (You're paying $60 yearly for using your own internet for online play!? That's just not right.) Console gaming is meant for people who wanna play a little bit of FIFA and leave. If I can't play their next big exclusive, oh well, I'd have a restful piece of mind not playing it at all…

  12. this is exactly why you collect games physically
    this is all literately piracy and why its illegal to
    mod and own games you haven't paid for

  13. This sucks so hard. Tired of getting screwed

  14. MORALLY, if you owned the games then pirate them, and if you didn't ever own them MORALLY you shouldn't. Simple as.

  15. This is wrong. You can access you digital library on the ps3 store. Sony already said that. That was misleading when you said that

  16. So the cmos battery. Is it able to be replaced

  17. It costs money to maintain digital marketplaces and online infrastructure. I assume the reason they are shutting down the PS3 store is because its costing them more to keep than it earns. A company is completely justified in shutting down an unprofitable portion of its business. Not everything is available forever, so you gotta get it while the getting is good. That being said, once you have paid for something, it should be yours to keep. If Sony wants to shut down their servers, they need to ensure that it will not rob existing customers of the ability to use the products which they have already paid for. That would be fraudulent.

  18. They opened the piracy doors wide open

  19. And this why I’ve been a physical gamer since the PS1 days in 1995 ,,, Honestly the PS4 is the last system I will own from Soyny , Am so glad that 95% of my gaming library is Physical , And When my PS4 dies then I’ll just buy the new one and hack it or mod it so that the battery doesn’t die , The way soyny treat their old games and systems is so disgustingly bad , This is why going full retro and PC is the best option ever ,,,, Seriously fuck Soyny 🖕🏻🖕🏻.

  20. Thank you for bringing this topic up. It's not new news but we aren't bringing this up enough to prevent this

  21. When they abandon their marketplace, piracy becomes the only way to get what you want.

  22. Lmao all those years of shitting on xbox…. I bet this feels bad huh?

    As an xbox casual, I know xbox is worse. And yet, the last couple of weeks I've just been laughing at playstation news. This is too funny. Seriously, XBOX IS WORSE. And yet, somehow, not worse!

  23. So bigger question, does the ps5 have this

  24. Wow I can't believe Microsoft would do this. All they think about is money

  25. Can't the internal batteries be replaced once they die anyway. Once the ps3 server shuts down sony will still allow you to redownload games via transaction history so just replace the battery and sorted j imagine

  26. Yeah at this point I’m going to put more time and effort into Xbox now. I did that with the 360 then later the ps3. Seeing how Sony is doing things. It’s not good .

  27. In theory, The Xbox one is currently even worse. It regularly doesn't let you boot unless you actively check for system updates. If the update servers are down and the system can't connect to them to check if there is an update or not… You can't boot the system at all. If you can't boot it up, you can't even get to your home menu. Even less play either physical or digital games.

  28. We always knew it would be the digital store… I agree if the company itself refuses to let people buy the games from them then you can get them however the hell you want… now I’m looking into PC gaming more than ever at this rate…

  29. Mmm do I smell action lawsuit against Sony…

  30. It happened to my PS4, the battery died, I only have physicall copies of games, now I'm having trouble connecting to PSN, I'm now thinking about leaving the gaming community forever now, I feel played by those that I helped to build.

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