After living in Copenhagen for 6 years with our family, we discovered so many Scandinavian Design Secrets that have stayed with us even as we Decorate our Home in Atlanta. We are excited to share these Interior Design Tips and hope you will enjoy incorporating them into your own home!

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Welcome to the House of Valentina! I’m Valentina Fussell, a designer and stylist who believes that everyone deserves a well designed home. Each week I share my favorite design tips, current trends and practical how-tos so that you can design your ideal home.

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  1. Salutations from CT. I really love your channel. One thing I learned about Scandi is that they combine old and new, that is amazing, I love it!!!!!

  2. I am Danish and I smiled. It is SO nice to hear hygge and Scandinavian living described by one who gets us. Who understands.

  3. I just moved (and still opening boxes — ugh!) to a place with more light and I love it! I had all of the interior painted BM’s Simply White before I moved in. I have/use my grandmother’s living room end tables which I love because she loved them. I also have a bronze tiger on a wooden base that was my great-grandmother’s, who was in my life until I was 15. Did I mention that they were both Norwegian and they had impeccable taste? 😎

  4. I loved all the pictures during your presentation, love light for sure and white walls. Loved everything

  5. I love everything you said about light and cloudy days! I've been really concerned because we've just bought our first house (it's still being built) and we live in the Pacific Northwest and our new home is in a particularly rainy area! This made me look at things in a different light, and now I'm super excited for my moody washed out dreamy lighting! 😁

  6. Love your videos! much sun as possible

  7. Love the moody but sun sometimes. I live in Houston I get to have both and it can change everyday🤗🤗

  8. I learned about messiness never noticed that before thank you😘

  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸🌸😘

  10. I love Sun, Sun, 😎 Sun. Light walls. Love Scandinavian decor.

  11. White walls. With colour. Black is not a colour. Tidiness not messy. A place for everything and everything in its place. Lots of ☀️ sun and natural light

  12. I was always a bit disgusted when I look at pictures of bedrooms and the bed is never made up, it’s like a 2 minute job, but I kind of get it now.

  13. would love video on item arrangement (which IMHO matters far more than what you have).

  14. This was wonderful! 🌿Thanks for making a Scandinavian playlist too! It’s a huge inspiration for my home. Not only do I enjoy everything you have to share but your positivity and personality make me smile! Congratulations on 100k 🎉

  15. Valentina, you have a beautiful home

  16. Less is more…that is how I decorate

  17. I love the blend of old and new. Family pieces handed down over generations, or found things that tell a story is what gives a home a heart to me. I love new things as well, but trying to practice moderation in acquiring new things. I also love mixing high and low cost. Thrifting or some one of a kind piece of art and can be drawn to trendy mass produced objects. I guess I am saying I am eclectic leaning French/Swedish, and totally ok contrasting/complimenting with modern things. Do whatever you love is my philosophy. Love your channel. Congratulations on your silver award! Look forward to your videos! PS love your navy blue dishes….favorite color.

  18. BTW, when I visited the UK I noticed that the Brits have a totally different approach to handdling the dark, rainy weather… they go wild with bright colors and traditional antique floral patterns! I prefer the light and fresh simplicity of scandi.

  19. Love the tranquility and simplicity of scandi design. If I had my way our house would be all white with just a few accents in grey and black and just live green plants for color… but huddy is bugging me to inject more "color" into our decor. I'm toying with the idea of including some camel/terracotta colored pillows and tieing it in with a few natural wood accents for interest.

  20. My home is on a lake with floor to ceiling windows all around it, and 90 percent of the time it’s sunny and extremely bright, which we build ourselves. Beautiful home. But
    Sooo much light. I find myself craving overcast and rainy days. I paint the entire house over with dark colors in almost every room including the ceiling. I love a moody interior. By the way. Thank you 🙏🏾 for making me feel that I’m not crazy and alone for painting my trim and ceiling the same color as my wall. I did it year’s ago and my painters were horrified, I didn’t care. I love the way I fee when I’m in my rooms. Big thanks and much love to you. I’m definitely a moody girl.

  21. I have been following your channel for a while now and in the last few months just have grown to love your passion for design, colour and how interior design interplays with our lives. I am just about to start the journey of choosing a palette of colour for my tiny home post divorce and feel much more confident to start this journey.

  22. Hygge is a Danish word not a scandinavian word.

  23. Loved this video and all the pictures were beautiful.I love both the light and the moody lol

  24. I love the soft diffused light.

  25. As much light as possible. Finding a home in Florida that has really great window is hard, because everyone has gotten into the habit of hiding in their air conditioning. It took a while to find a house that ticked a lot of boxes, but the one it does not tick is the windows. The kitchen that is very smallish is house locked with no windows. Light from the entryway and the open living/dinning room area spills in only a little.

  26. I feel that lesson 2 is a general european thing, or let’s say a non- north american tify tidy white washed style❤️Cheers from Berlin and thank you for your phantastic videos! (ps. the germans and dutch h have their own word of hygge — but well, the marketing 😅)

  27. Oh Valentina! I live in Denver but am originally from Stockholm. I loved this video. You are so spot on about all those things I am so attracted to but never had to vocabulary to describe. Your take on light, the old with the new, the empty but interesting white spaces….now if I could only make it look as pretty as when you put stuff together….where did you buy your magic wand?????

  28. Moody and washed out for sure!

  29. I grew up with minimalist Swedish Modern and it never felt “homey” to me (the giant lamp and ashtray were IT as far as “accessories”) so of course I had to rebel (!) with antiques and Shabby Chic, etc.
    HOWEVER—it’s aaalll different now years later and I love the clarity and space to breathe that this type of decor and lifestyle bring. Love all these tips and photos SO MUCH!!

  30. I love how you use dark color paint. Oh my!!!! Sooooo beautiful!!!!

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