ДИЗАЙН: #Mi11i Unveiling | #TheStarPerformer Design 2021

Perfectly blending amazing performance and a stylish design, #Mi11i offers everything you could ask for. #TheStarPerformer

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  1. Redmi Note 10 pro is master piece of Xiaomi.

  2. Redmi k40 = Poco f3
    Redmi k40 pro plus = Mi 11i
    That's basically a same shit, why the name is different one another, u high xiaomi??

  3. When some one hates Redmi k40 pro plus but end up buying Mi11i.

  4. So many phones Xiaomi is globally releasing and none of them are coming to India. At least this one has to make it to India — while they give the world multiple 8 series phones, they cap it to old gen seven series chips in India. It is frustrating.

  5. Xiaomi Beating Apple / Samsung / Huawei

  6. When is the outdate for Europe? I should now because if it is too late I couldn't buy this phone


  8. Mi11Lite = Best Styled in Xiaomi
    Mi11Ultra = Best Camera in Xiaomi
    Mi11i = Best Performer in Xiaomi 🤩

  9. Oneplus 9 left the chat

  10. Can't wait to see unboxing video

  11. Wow amazing😍😍😍phone that I have been waiting for❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. who cares if it's the k40 pro plus as long as it doesn't have the software of poco I'm happy.

  13. Aap kya dikhana chahte ho… Sale 10 mobile me ek hi camera module

  14. Without telephoto nd depth cmra
    Flagship phone is shit

  15. When available mi 11 in pakistan?

  16. Why would they release 11i for global instead of 11pro? Pricing is about the same and 11 pro is way better than 11i. Not to mention, 11pro has IP 68 rating where 11i doesn't have

  17. Sorry to say,the centre camera punch hole sucks.

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