ДИЗАЙН: It’s All Coming Together | How to Design a Small Studio Apartment Ep.5 2021

It’s All Coming Together | How to Design a Small Studio Apartment Ep.5 Think of today as a project update. I’m sharing my small apartment floor plan ideas, some organizing before and after pictures, and giving an “in progress” look at how I design my studio apartment. A lot of before and after photos today. A lot of progress made. A new marble coffee table, a new bedroom lamp, a new kitchen organization system and a new Ikea sofa cover! Enjoy!

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Ep. 5 It’s All Coming Together

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Bedroom Makeover
3:23 Ikea Bedroom Lamp
4:45 Storage Solutions
6:00 Closet Decluttering
9:31 Kitchen Pantry Organization
12:38 Ikea Billy Bookshelf
13:40 Living Room Makeover
14:14 Ikea Soderhamn Sofa Cover Swap

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🌿About The Suitcase Designer — 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m April, this channel is a space to combine my love of interiors with my life as an ever moving expat. Life, interiors and living styles can look very different depending on where you live around the world and I hope to showcase that to you here. I currently live in South Korea with my husband and kitty. I’ve spent my time in Korea teaching english and only recently quit my job to follow my passion* of interior design and home cleaning & organizing on The Suitcase Designer.

*not a designer by trade, but I promise you I’ve never made a space look worse 😂

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USA: Texas, Oregon, California, Alaska
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  1. Finally, we’re getting somewhere!

  2. Izzy! When she puts her head down and closes her eyes… peace. Love it!
    Yes!!!!! I wanted you to move the bed that way! I was thinking that in the last video.
    Your own before/afters are so great! I haven't personally lived in a studio but I know ppl who do will find this extremely helpful.
    But not only studio living this is just helpful all the way around. Thanks again April! Your work is really helpful.. this is shown in pictures sent and in the comments. Keep it up! 💪

    Side note :
    One of my favorite peices of furniture is our settee from West Elm.. And one thing I took away from apt living in a big city was small or rather thinner furniture. Bulky furniture can take up a lot of space. And a drop leaf kitchen table I found in the alley was also helped! LOL

  3. Kind of a pain but you can put aluminum foil on the couch for like a week and cats hate the noise so they dont scratch it. After a week our cats never again scratched our new couch, its been a couple years.

  4. Spray the sofa cover with some type of cat repellent that’s natural and safe maybe apple cider vinegar not sure 🤔

  5. When you finally settle somewhere long term, you should have a library room 😊

  6. Might be able to throw a thick couch blanket over the cover so if Izzy does scratch, her claws might not go thru. There's also dog pad couch covers which do pretty much the same thing. Goodluck! Lovely design!

  7. Congratulations! A very chic solution for your tiny space!

  8. I personally like my space without rugs… especially in small spaces.

  9. Cats like this kind of woven textures. We have söderhamn sofa too but had to change the black knitted covers with the dark grey that you had. Now she doesnt scratch at all.

  10. I have for now in a small kitchen too, also found the square containers save a lot of space and looks neater too.

  11. You should have gone with that red velvet, cats love to scratch tweedy textured things

  12. Honestly I do not understand why you dud not choose a sleeping sofa. I used one for years in my younger age, was comfortable.

  13. Wow, this is stunning, and you're not even done!

    I'm relatively new to your channel and wonder if there's a previous vlog where you first get Izzy and bring her home. Would love to see it. And, imho, she's doing a fine job supervising!

  14. Great job looks so much better 😍

  15. Please get your cat some toys. It is such an uninspiring tiny space to keep a cat.

  16. Storing items that overwhelm the eye behind doors is so helpful. I hate visual clutter.

  17. Total European chic vibes going on here! Gorgeous 👌

  18. Sofa looks great. Love the bookshelves door idea too it does look better. Really loving the coffee table ❤

  19. The space is looking incredible! I’m loving the beige and black! It’s neutral but still warm, sometimes all gray and white looks a little cold, but the beige and black looks more cozy!

  20. I have to give you credit for not trying on decluttered/discarded items from your wardrobe. I have a habit of doing this & I end up looking like a walking clothes horse. Also I watched this during & again after I packed away home decor items from around my house. Such a great feeling! 👏👏

  21. Love love love how the studio is working out!!! Especially the living room corner ❤️

  22. We have the blue/green version og that sofa cover. Bought a lemon spray. Cats hate the smell, sprayed all the sides where the cats claw it. Problem solved completely. I spray my plantpots as well, since i started doing that, my palmtree hasn't been "trimmed" again 😁

  23. Niiiice! Very very nice. First, the difference when the doors were on the bookcase is amazing- the difference is made me blink and watch that section over again it's so extreme. I felt the doors also lent a more sophisticated air to the case — with the doors it appears to be a classy little item. I also want to thank you for your advice on your three pass-through rule. I'm putting together a kitchen and was seeing each update as somehow a failure — I wasn't jumping up and down at myself — it was just a vague feeling that I ought to have done it better. Your advice is apropos — because I don't know what I don't know — how can I know how I will use a space — what will be best for a new space until I'm in there rootling about in it. How do you manage that with your clients? It seems a follow-up visit to go over what has worked and what hasn't would be beneficial?

  24. I do like the banana, it works

  25. Love the look of the coffee table and the couch! The progress you’ve made is amazing! How long are you planning on staying in that studio?

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