ДИЗАЙН: Hardcore Minecraft Archive — It's Design Time 2021

Welcome back!

In today’s archive, I had my mind set on expansion. So I started out by showing some Screenshot plans (Which can be found in the Discord) of the surrounding area. The first plan was to do a tree farm. The first hurdle was the hill. After a few shovels, the biggest obstacle was cleared, but not without a fight. During the fencing and flattening, I was faced with three pillager parties. One almost causing a near death and forcing my hand to iron armour. To end, we refreshed the small farms and took our thumbnail photo shoots.

===Stream Live===

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

===Main YT Channel===


ShramenNoodles — Profile / Thumbnail (Right half)
HexCraft216 — Putting together the Thumbnail

— I will do my best to answer any questions I see. Your best chance of getting an answer would be in the Discord provided above.
— I do plan on having a better uploading schedule later on.

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