ДИЗАЙН: Crusader — Design & Development 2021

A look at the A15 Crusader heavy cruiser tank. This is the first part and will focus on how it came to be as well as other developments of the time, the people involved and a new outlook on the origins of its name.

Sources: Crusader PM Knight. (well worth buying!)
Bovington Theme Park
Workshops Manuals

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  1. thanks, ed! another great video — looking forward to part 2! i always liked the look of the two tanks

  2. And there I was half expecting the next video to be on Cheese and Biscuits at Chertsey…

  3. Those small pointless turrets almost deserve a video all to themselves; how did they make it from the original concept through testing onto operational vehicles?

  4. Thank you for your outstanding attention to detail, keep up the great work.

  5. Another great video — thank you.

  6. Thank you for another fascinating video, I have loved the look of the Crusader ever since I made a couple of models of different marks of it when I was a kid.

  7. Great Chanel! I always keep an eye out for new videos, worth the wait.

  8. Great video — as always. I can't subscribe to the naming theory even though I love your research — Covenanters and Crusaders are best know for their fighting, I'm not sure that the Boys Brigade alternative would be as inspiring, however I am good at being wrong! Happy Easter and looking forward to the next episode.

  9. I get more comprehensive info here than any other channel excepting the Chieftain.

  10. Excellent info and very interesting many thanks again for bringing this old wwar horses stories back to life.

  11. I tend to think that, eventually the Covenantor was somewhat wasted being placed in the training role which could have been allocated to improvised Universal Carriers.
    Sure it had issues that were in time overcome, but it offered a decent highly mobile chassis that could have been returretted to an open tank destroyer or mobile artillery role,
    which would have enabled them to mount a more useful 6 pounder or better with some ease.
    Obviously theres something Im missing or Im some kind of tank genius.

  12. Interesting theory on the source of the name.

  13. Curious if the addition of mg turrets was something that was scene at the time as 'common sense' or was it based on actual war time experience from conflicts in the 20s-30s, but was just rapidly obsoleted by ww2?

  14. I really think this channel does a better job than the Tank Museum in explaining not just the design but the context that armored was envisaged

  15. The naming thing is fascinating, don't you wish they had recorded their reasons, but we are just as guilty now even with all of our tech.

  16. "looks at Covenanter tank"
    Nuffield: Its good, but it can be better…..

  17. One of the best looking tanks of WWII. If her performance matched her looks the Crusader would have been a marvelous tank. Alas!
    Great video!

  18. Excellent as always.

  19. Not convinced the phrase "small pointless turrets" appeared in the documentation. Although it should have.

  20. My fav tank. screw nuffield for ruining it.

  21. Struggles to not take jerusalem.

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