ДИЗАЙН: 🌟 Pagani Design PD1671 Tudor Black Bay Homage 🌟 Honest Watch Review 2021

Here’s the much anticipated review of the Pagani Design PD1671 Tudor Black Bay homage watch.

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  1. I oredered this watch at Trendy Men's Watch store on 02.04.2021 and they haven't ship it yet, also i paid 36€ for DHL shipping, has anyone have same problem?

  2. Actually, the blue color on the aluminum insert is nice!! but not the dial 🙁

  3. What an enthusiastic red indicator! It is not a super interesting watch for me, but I think your reviews are good. I think your delivery is getting better and better — a comfortable, almost soothing style. In earlier videos, my girlfriend said you sounded a wee bit bored (although you clearly were not). Just some fun feedback. Best wishes from Denmark.

  4. Al-loo-mini-um is too hard to say. Just go full American and say A-loom-min-um XD
    Good review. Thumbs up given. Gotta love a reviewer that contacts the seller over the use of a red crown ring … on a $100 watch XD

  5. I'll wait for a 40mm version

  6. I want to buy this on Aliexpress but I don't want to wait over a month for delivery. Amazon has it for more but you still have to wait about 3 weeks.

  7. Dab some bleech on the red bit of the crown only. u may need to mask up the blue. And you will get the red bit to light pink. Then a scotch pad and a loothpick u should be able to rub the balence off

  8. Love the outtakes, James! I really like this BB58/Pelagos homage, particularly the heritage one with the red bezel because of the details and the beautiful dial texture. I won't be getting it this time as I've already overspent on this AE sale. Maybe I'll revisit this one on 11/11/21?? Great review as always!

  9. Hi, great review, can you measure the gap between the case and spring bars to determine what thickness of leather strap would fit.

    Would be a nice feature to provide this info on each review, as many of us change out the steel bracelets with leather straps.

    Regards, keep up the good work.

  10. You think this model would look ok on a small wrist? (sub 7inch or so)
    I really love the black/gold version but I'm concerned it would look too bulky on my wrist… Help me decide please!

    Thanks in advance!

  11. If you want to try and remove the red thing, Seiko NH35's are very easy to take out the crown. Plenty of vids on YouTube on how to remove the crown, simply push one thing on the movement and pull.

  12. Good review of a very nice watch and as strange as it may seem to some, the lume isn’t an issue for me because I never need to check the time in total darkness. Most of the time a watch is worn under a sleeve and would not have the opportunity to charge up anyway.

  13. I ordered last week the San Martin BB58 Homage. I don’t know how distant are both watches in quality and finishing.

  14. Nice review… But I would go for the corgeut black bay with the durable bullet proof

  15. It is a great looking piece. Thanks for the review. PD is never great lume. It is as expected. On there, good for 5 minutes.

  16. Red crown thing going on and non ceramic bezzel 🤔

  17. I like it dam there prices are getting silly for me now it's not expensive but the retail on link wow I fell off my chair great review I am buying more Casio now the Ali-express bubble has just about burst for me unless its exceptional

  18. Nice review 😁👍Good looking watch. I think I'd go for the red as a personal preference.

  19. I think San Martin is much better (albeit with higher price), but it doesn't come with the date so it kind of wastes the movement since PT 5000 supports date… I guess nothing is perfect…

  20. I ordered the Red one yesterday, along with 4 others. Came here from Jason's video 🙂 The red band looks fine on the red version but I can understand it may look out of place on the other variants. Looks like the crown has been machined to allow the collar to be fitted. The crown could easily be replaced if they don't offer options in the future I guess, a great looking watch and can't wait for mine to arrive. oh and Subscribed 🙂

  21. Interesting review. Regards.

  22. I just hate that pagani design does Not use original Pictures of the watch they are selling. On AliExpress it seems Like they used an original blackbay and photoshopped their dial on it. The bracelet, the Bezel and the crown are very different.

  23. I rather if they are going to go light on lume to not go light on the Hands

  24. Great review. I ordered the back. Thank you for featuring. I can't wait to get this one. Cheers

  25. I actually like the red part in the crown.

  26. Aren't you getting tired of buying Ali watches? I've stopped buying them due to the constant same old designed taken from other watches and regurgitated over and over! How many subs do we need? Until they start making original designs I'm not buying anymore!

  27. If they shrink it to 38-40mm and under 13 thick I’d pick one up for sure.

  28. The red crown is turning me off and it shows that Pagani Can't Design. The rug width is not as spec is a good thing. Thanks for the review.

  29. Jason just had a dud — yeah, it's the Pagani-lottery like we know it, no huge improvement in terms of QC. Not the first time they confused people with 21.5mm lugs either.

    I don't know, if someone wants to avoid any headache there's till the San Martin one if I'm not mistaken.

  30. Thanks for getting this review up so quickly — I had ordered the blue one (at full price, and didn't realise about the red stem guard) before the sale, but just ordered another (black vintage style) using your discount code and affiliate link.

  31. Love the bloopers at the end.not for me though .

  32. Great video mate, is it just me or does the date position seem a little off ?.. looks like it should be closer to the edge dial, kinda just looks like it doesn’t follow the flow of the hour markers.

  33. Thought you were gonna test the bezel's scratch resistance…

  34. Make it smaller!!!!!! I will wait for steel dive or others.

  35. I had a dejavu or iv seen this before???

  36. idk I'm not sold… Something just doesn't look right. It looks a bit toy-ish.

  37. I'm still waiting for a Tudor Snowflake 9411/0 homage since I cannot afford the real thing. If they put this dial layout into a 3mm smaller diameter case with sub bezel, I'd be happy with that.
    Thank you for the review.

  38. Damn…I'm a little upset about this. Listing stated 20mm lug width when I purchased (snapshot confirms). I never would have bough it if i had known it was 22mm. also, my listing stated 13mm thick, so seeing it over 14mm is another bummer.
    at least I know I'll be passing this along to someone else immediately after the review (unless I fall in love with it, wich by the looks of it, i seriously doubt)

    nice quick review though…good job getting it out so quickly

  39. The lumen of the Pagani Design is not good, but they offer very striking pieces. 👌

  40. Nice one! What a hot product, great review mate.

  41. If this watch was 40mm I would buy it, I have a small wrist and can’t find a watch on a bracelet that looks good on me. Any suggestions?

  42. Loved the outakes at the end😂 love the brushing on the sides of the case but mixing blue and green line😬 just feels like they slapped hands from a different Watch on it😕 it is a descent looking watch. Don't understand the red bit at the crown at all,even if they'd put a red accent on the second hand it would kinda work,who knows lol😂

  43. The red crown issue is mad. Makes no sense. Shame as could be great. But lume is same old waste of time. Great review.

  44. Thanks for the review. Already ordered one this morning but it's good for other people to decide if they want one. I ordered the black/gold one with the red triangle at the lume pip so I don't mind the red crown part. I do think it's a bit of a shame the lume pip is too low on the bezel and the metal color isn't the darker grey like on the photos.

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