РАЗРАБОТКА: Warhammer Weekly 03312021 — Designing Wargames with NeedyCat Games 2021

It’s time for another week of news, rumors and all things Warhammering. This week is part 2 of our Game Design discussion and we are joined by James from Needy Cat Games to discuss the nature of designing wargames.

0:00 News
20:55 Pick of the Week
25:49 Hobby Time
30:36 Designing Wargames
39:40 First Principles
49:55 Methods
59:20 Balance
1:20:05 Design v Development
1:33:10 Audience Focus

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  1. This was the first time that I really wished the show would have been longer. Very interesting conversation. And you don't have to play Warhammer to follow and debate it.

  2. This was a really great video. You know there is some serious thought and logic-mashing taking place behind the games we love but drilling into it was a real eye opener. Still not on the same level as hearing Vince talk about Skaven…

  3. I definitely understand that achieving balance is hard, potentially impossible to do 100%, etc., etc. and it comes with tradeoffs to achieve. And the best that is realistic to expect in the real world is to reach a tolerance balance threshold or something, where it's balanced enough to be engaging to play.

    And yes that's hard, lots of work.

    But GW is charging us premium prices for the rules. So I expect a premium quality rules set. And I do not think I get that much of the time.

  4. Great video, with some really interesting insights. I was wondering, are you guys going to have a Cursed City episode later?

  5. This was a really insightful video! I was really glad you all touched on the idea that imbalances are a feature. I think my favorite thing about Blood Bowl is that teams are intentionally designed to be better or worse. Every team is fit into either Tier 1 teams which are all around good like Dark Elves and Skaven, Tier 2 teams which are good but are skewed to a certain play style like Chaos and Tomb Kings, or Tier 3 teams which are bad by design and need to rely on fun gimmicks like Goblins and Haflings. Tier 3 teams are always a wacky and fun experience to play.

    In competitive events lower Tier teams are given extra skills to help them, but even then it's a struggle. I love this design because it allows teams with fun mechanics to exist without needing to feel like it has to perform at the top. It also caters to many different player types since competitive players can take a Tier 1 team and players that just want to have a wacky time can take Tier 3 teams.

    Do you think this is a design direction that has a place in Wargaming?

  6. Really interesting chat guys. Whole new take on things like balance and such 😀

  7. Dear Vince. Great show and guest, as always. I have a guest suggestion/wish for some future show: Mr. And 2D6 and Mr. Remmington Steele (Andy & Rem Show). Would enjoy you 4 on the table talking general AoS evolution as a suggestion topic while I'm at it ,-) Cheers

  8. I really don't think you can overstate the importance of a good core gameplay loop.

    I think we've all had experience be that in TT games, board games, video games or whatever that when are core gameplay loop is fun and enjoyable games designers can get away with a lot of crap elsewhere.

  9. Different style of show but very cool, as well as a wonderful guest. Thank you!!

  10. I've had the opportunity to work as a freelance graphic designer for Needy Cat Games. Wish I could have done it, but my schedule was too chaotic. It would have been a cool experience for sure, they seem like passionate game designers.

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  12. Worst Petticoat identification show on the internet. 0 / 10 stars.

  13. I hope they make enough copies.

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  15. I would love a plastic kroak/slann dual kit soooo much, I’ve had the same metal monstrosity for like 20 years

  16. Very very interesting show! During all the discussion about balance I was thinking about Frostgrave and the genius of using a D20 to resolve actions. Just with that you let the dice do the balancing. I would disagree with James take on Blood Bowl. As someone that had an extra part (like a movie extra…blink and you'll miss me) in all the CRP/LRB development and drama, I must say that the competitive scene was only part of the issue. The main goal was to make the game fun, with somehow clear rules and balance, without turning it into a Guidlball like game where the noobs do not have a chance. This is why there are no auto success in BB and you can always fail on a 1.

  17. Carpal tunnel!
    I’ve have great relief/results wearing fingerless weight lifting gloves with wrist raps.
    I’ve played piano nearly everyday for forty years. I feel ya brother.
    Hope it helps

  18. So when you all talked about balance it really changed the way I look at the subject, so many different moving parts and how being unbalanced is more a feature then a bug, as long as it is not broken, great episode

  19. Appreciate the additional work you've been putting into the show from visuals to time stamps

  20. When it comes to balance discussion, yes, in theory when you have such a myriad of possible armies and army lists that it is impossible to predict the outcome and so you can shrug and go "eeeh, you can't get that perfect balance anyway". In theory.

    In practice, I feel that this is a cop-out argument. No one is asking for a "perfectly balanced game" — it is a strawman position. What most people are asking is that we do not get books like DoK, LRL and HoS released within months of each other and then pretend like everything is OK with the design process. True statements like "You can't get perfect balance" and "Perfect balance is bad for the game" are not excuses to not even try.

    Another problem with the balancing of these huge wargames with myriad of options is that when it comes down to actual gaming groups, they are not even close to randomness and variety that the game promises.
    GW armies are significant investment of time, effort and money (and the last one gets really bad the further you are from the capitalist core in the west).
    In practice this means that the average player will have a limited number of opposing armies and a limited number of units to fight them with. Meaning that any given gaming group is solved essentially. So why play?

    I love painting my Slaaneshi stuff, but I do not see a single reason to put models on the table and roll the dice.

  21. One of your best shows so far 🙂

  22. Great guest this week 👍

  23. So many good things here Vince, Tom, and James! But in the spirit of keeping things pertinent…Your comment Vince about narrative being tied to models and how it takes time so things don't become invalidated too quickly. I know this treadmill can feel like we are playing inside a salt mine, but to this episodes credit, anytime we invest in GW models we have a treasure trove of Gold, Silver, and Bronze hiding inside. Should any lack of community further compound this feeling of invalidation, then you are ever closer to striking gold my friends! Fear not the salt mines, for this substance we can taste! May the salts of salvation bring you glory in the fields of open play.)

  24. Two of my favorite up-and-coming AoS channels on YouTube lately have been Rocco ya boy and the Grizzled Warmaster. Just signal boosting a bit. Check em out! Would be amazing to eventually see them on warhammer weekly

  25. lol nobody is afraid of anything in a GW game except the price tag.

  26. Finding some top notch guest!

  27. Great guest! Loved James work and the different angle and discussion! I’d love to see him back

  28. That rumour engine is the silent ones.! Everything is silent ones. Also pumped for cursed city. Looks like it has so much re-play ability.

  29. I am excite for a possible Seraphon update. Hopefully they get new kroxigor & knight sculpts.

  30. What's the link for that how to play cursed city video 🙂

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