Palantir’s Investment in eVTOL IS HUGE! FULL REASONS FOR MASSIVE DEAL! Full deep dive summary of PLTR’s investment in Lilium, a German eVTOL company:
1) Investors: same backers as for Tesla and NIO
2) Palantir is leader in drones
3) Full DD into Lilium, their management, product, business model
4) Valuation of this deal and if QELL is a good investment

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  2. Hello Felix and congratulations for your channel 🙌🏻🙌🏻. Your annalise's , research and advices are great 😍🤙🏻. Because you talked about this drone world I want to advice you think company, EHang Holdings ( EH ). I'm sure you will jump in because is something futuristic with a huge potential. Have a great day Felix 🍾🥂

  3. I bought QELL and ARKX this past week, and another 16 shares of PLTR bringing my total to 1416 shares.

  4. Nice work! Here to support a fellow finance channel.

  5. Thank you, Felix. I have a good friend who is with the British government doing the numbers for transport and renewable energy. He tells me there is a major problem with these drone taxis and it's not safety or anything else. it's simply noise pollution, they are extremely loud no one wants them flying over their apartments. DO NOT INVEST

  6. Thanka for the indepth look at qell

  7. Thank you Felix. Great information as always. Another like for the critters.

  8. The rich stay rich by investing and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the
    Rich but yet not investing like the rich

  9. Thanks Felix! Huge value. Your channel is so underrated.

  10. they are flying 5 seater now, not 7 yet. 7 seater in development

  11. easier autonomy problem to solve than cars, no brake dust, no tire wear, faster point to point transport… everyone keeps looking for the 'next' Tesla horizontally instead of asking what vehicle will disrupt cars for robotaxis and looking vertically

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