МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ: 5 Managers Who WON'T Finish The Season! 2021

Welcome back to Euro Football Daily where we are looking at 5 Managers Who Won’t Finish the Season.

In Italy we look at the struggles of Roma and Juventus, and what that could mean for Paulo Fonseca and Andrea Pirlo respectively. Pirlo has endured a difficult start to life on the touchline, while the end looks in sight for Fonseca.

In Germany, Borussia Mönchengladbach look to have a decision on their hands over the future of Marco Rose, having seen the side fall apart since the announcement he will be joining Borussia Dortmund next term. Should they cut their losses now and part ways with the German before it’s too late?

We also look at the troubles of Getafe boss José Bordalás in La Liga, before finishing with the Premier League’s very own José, Mr Mourinho. Could defeat to Manchester City in the League Cup spell the end for the Portuguese super coach once more? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Do you think anyone else's job is under threat guys?!


  2. Hi. Please let me know what success does Tottenham have? 0 cups? Oh.. Didn't know that was considered good.

    Mou and pirlo won't get fired.

  3. ⚰Il comunista has become #1 in alsmost everything.⚰💀

  4. I believe Pirlo can become a good manager. But Im sick and tired of unexperienced manager being given top jobs out of nowhere. There is only one guardiola!

  5. erik ten hag in for the spurs job. he has shown what he can do with top level players and youth.

  6. 5) Sacking Paulo Fonseca would be stupid
    4) He's leaving for Borussia Dortmund anyways
    3) Depends on board's view, because Getafe are not Valencia, they don't have a historical right to be in european competitions so they might still praise him for doing well enough to be in UEL last season! But if they get relegated, he's probably getting sacked
    2) 50/50; You blame half of failures on Pirlo & other half on recruitment from previous seasons! I think it will all be about who you trust
    1) Probably same thing as Pirlo, half of failures are Mourinho's fault, other half on deadwood & underperforming players

  7. The special one ❌
    The expensive one ✅

  8. Paulo Fonseca is a top coach, could easily see him in the Premier League next season

  9. Jose won’t get sacked

  10. why is this channel anti jose

  11. Out of all of them , Pirlo deserves the sack

  12. Buy Rinaldo to win the Champions league and appoint an inexperienced coach
    This is the worst decision by Juventus

  13. Arteta is garbage he needs to get sacked!

  14. No way Jose gets sacked

  15. #PIRLOIN.. Pirlo now, Pirlo forever. Juventus have won enough Serie A titles.

  16. Jesus christ, the number of times EFD and FD have flip flopped on Mourinho is a disgrace. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve the sack but make up your mind. One point your saying he's back the next he's finished. What is it EFD?

  17. Probably the one year that sacking a manager doesn’t make sense with the financial payouts needed to do so and clubs loosing so much from the pandemic.

  18. Juventus hiring Pirlo was already a mistake in the first place

  19. Henry sounds like Dougie's younger posh cousin

  20. Was it makes out of a hat plus the ever present mourinho on this videos?

  21. Literally none of these managers will be sacked.

  22. Tottenham are 3 points behind top 4 and have their first chance for silverware since 2008

  23. I do not think Mourinho is going to be sacked. The only way I see it happening is if Spurs finish off worse than they did last year, which I don’t see happening. Even if jose does get sacked, he will be hired somewhere else before the start of next season

  24. why does everyone in football daily do the accents, its so annoying stfu

  25. l doubt Mourhinho ls gonna be sacked even lf he deserves lt

  26. Wait a minute Dougie I thought Xabi Alonso were to take over Monchengladbach next season where did Eric ten hag Come from 🥴🥴

  27. Up in Scotland : Robbie Neilson of Hearts and in the SPL: Brian Rice of Hamilton

  28. Mourinho isn’t getting sacked spurs are in a final and are 3 points off top 4 why would he be sacked?

  29. So the anti Jose agenda continues 🙄

  30. I'd say Pirlo isn't doing any bad for Juve (just not good for Juve's standard).
    Considering it is his first experience managing the first team and with the squad fairly unbalanced and lacks depth. He didn't have the players he needed (yet) so personally I think Pirlo should be given another chance.

    Mourinho… is a tricky situation because it is not all his fault, some falls onto the club and the players.
    He only have subpar players in defense, their main defender is already aging, making them heavily reliance on their attacker and midfielder. A few transfer window should fix this if the board allows him to sign the player he needed.

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