МАРКЕТИНГ: The Religion Of Woke, Analyzing Confidence, And Surprising Internet Honesty | Ep #93 2021

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Lex Fridman
Nomad Capitalist
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck


0:00 — Lex Fridman’s Bizarre Internet Honesty
6:49 — ‘Dating’ Different Governments
16:53 — Why Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Doesn’t Include The Wealthy
20:21 — California’s ‘No Kill’ Shelters That Kill
23:59 — Ethical Bone Broth
25:21 — 10 Core Philosophical Traits That Make You Human
37:28 — Ted Cruz’ Mask Controversy
52:48 — Political Beliefs Are Becoming Religion
1:03:25 — What The Colorado Tragedy Reveals About The News
1:15:38 — The Best Marketing Course Created
1:23:16 — I Don’t Respect My Mediocre Coworkers
1:32:27 — How To Be Confident Without Being Cocky
1:38:49 — Charlie’s Podcast Growth Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. 13:19 —“50% of that tax is going to the department of defense”

    Our Fact Check Rating: False

    Would be nice to double check and issue a retraction next episode—national defense is 17% of the budget

  2. I would really love to see a podcast with the Nomad Capitalist. I listen to both channels and I think that would be a great discussion.

  3. to answer the first question:
    Start with the 6 needs from Tony Robbins. If someone tries to discredit you is because does not feel you are better than them. Which actually means they work more than you (in their minds). Which means they do not know you. You gave the answer to your question. You need your colleagues to learn you, to see you make mistakes and dealing with them better than they will. You need them to trust you. And to go back to your question, no one trusts one that makes no mistakes. This means they hide something. Doesn't matter if it true or not. this is our nature.

    In one sense: Be more approachable.

  4. Corporate Wokeness absolutely is a money making scheme for companies. Also, how did the media lose money in the process of ensuring Trump lost the election?

  5. about your points on incentives, this is actually a big point in AI safety. Sometimes your cost functions and optimizations can cause AI to behave weirdly

  6. People who are against abortion are against it because they believe the foetus is an innocent person, they do not believe the person receiving the death penalty is innocent. Guns are about defending your life and freedoms.

  7. 36 min in Charlie talks about the lack of physical activity that got him pumped up.

    If he likes music and video games, he should try beatsaber in VR.
    Gamified, songified activity that will make you tired.

  8. I'm an American living in Singapore for almost 12-years now (I'm PR here) so it's interesting Charlie keeps mentioning giving up his citizenship for Singapore because I'm actually facing that real life scenario. Every worry he mentions is my actual life.

  9. Cool hairstyle, Ben!

  10. @1:13:15 Good conversion about what it takes to change the mind of someone on account of religious beliefs. Street Epistemology, Anthony Magnabosco.

  11. @1:10:38 YouTube leans right? In terms of content on YouTube or the company? YouTube/Google is definitely left of center in terms of policy and political outlook!

  12. what do you mean you dont know how he contributed to this SA ? HE UPLOADED IT AND MADE MONEY FROM IT. 49:30 Imagine if Ben said "I support slavery" and you upload it. You support slavery as well even though you never made that comment

  13. I just picked up some Kettle and Fire from my local Whole Foods

  14. 1:13 shoutout Fellow Traveler on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes!

  15. To play devil's advocate: I think that those three elements (at least) of Republicanism Ben mentions are rooted in the same philosophy. These are the elements he mentioned:

    1. Pro-life
    2. Pro-gun
    3. Pro-death penalty

    What they have in common is that life belongs to the just and is forfeit by the unjust.

    They see an unborn baby as a defenseless innocent. Doesn't deserve death at the hands of someone else.

    They see guns as a way to protect one's self from people who would try to harm them. Defenders are innocent, aggressors are unjust. Gun lets the innocent keep their life in exchange for the life of an unjust aggressor.

    They see the death penalty as the ultimate punishment for the unjust. If you believe the system can accurately detect unjust will, then death penalty is how you take the life of the unjust in a systematic, fair way.

  16. Man, I'd love to see videos of Charlie playing guitar or talking about jRPGs from a philosophic perspective!
    Those are all things that defined my life, passions and work to the core.
    I'm really curious what he would express on those if given the spotlight to do so.

  17. When it comes to the scientific community you have to distinguish between the hard sciences and the soft sciences. In the soft sciences you can get kicked out just because you disagree and you can think of that what you want. The hard sciences are different. People that get kicked out of the scientific community the hard sciences often when they break one of these rules: 1.) Extraordinary statements require extraordinary evidence. 2.) The simplest answer that fully explains the problem is often the best.

    If you are a climate change denier in let's say physics you are breaking at least one of these rules and probably some others as well, and in my opinion (as someone who did research in physics) you are unqualified to do research in physics if you are breaking these rules.

  18. Flows looking good ben, solid lettuce.

  19. Regarding the public price of wokeness — doctors and scientists are being censored. This directly means needless deaths and degeneration of scientific progress. I have witnessed many instances of this phenomenon over the past year.

  20. I don’t know if this is true or not so don’t quote me I just use it as a hypothetical I heard we might need to get Covid shots or Covid vaccinations like the flu updating every year because of the very entrance would love to hear your guy’s thoughts

  21. I love food lol I tried the 75day hard when on a diet completely the goal drop it day 76 because the Edit made me feel like I had no life.

  22. Lex is a legend! I admittedly can't understand fully all of his guests on his podcast, and yet delivers in bringing inspiration. And personally, his utopic ambition of bringing a more positive energy and vibe to the internet is admirable. We need more like Lex in the World!

  23. Those who get upset with Lex, specially on internet, are miserable fucks.

  24. Why would anyone assume it was a race thing for the Colorado shooting?? White people are a majority there. If 10 boys are shot at a school that's mostly boys you don't assume that the shooter had something against boys.

  25. DoD spending is about 16%, not 50%.

  26. There is a popular "personality" type grouping called the Enneagram. The reason I put personality in quotes is because it doesn't function like most personality groups like the Meyers briggs test, where your actions determine which type you are. Instead it tries to focus more on the underlying energies of people and it has 9 categories that interact with each other in a way that makes alot of sense to me. I think you guys would have alot of fun diving into how it works, whether you agree with it or not

  27. Patreon here, this is my go to podcast first. Love the work guys ( and future)

  28. would be nice to see a video on gratitude like you talked on 1:30:00, really good talking point.

  29. I love when you guys start talking about how incongruent people's politics are. 1 thing I've been thinking about is how the immigration debate seems like it should be flipped.

    People who usually lean left don't hide how much they despise conservative people, but immigrants from south america and the middle east are faaaaar more conservative than American conservatives, but they hold those groups in a romantic light. Whereas conservatives have so much in common with immigrant groups. From their views about sex, evolution, women's roles in the household, etc. You would think they would love them coming in the country and turning it more "red".

    There's a million more examples of reality being different than stated values, but I love when you guys delve into this sort of stuff.

  30. @ben or anyone jewish, why would a rabbi try and talk someone out of trying to convert?

  31. damn, the color grading on ben makes him look sad

  32. Have you guys seen the Ryan Long video on the Church of Woke? It’s hilarious

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