ДИЗАЙН: Making A Spotify Design Better!? (Before & After ADVANCED Thinking) 2021

Do you think my changes make these graphic designs better? I use advanced thinking techniques on existing designs by brands, to try and elevate them upwards.
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You can follow along with my methodology, and see if you agree with the changes that I make to the designs themselves. This is my NEW ‘making designs better’ video, making better designs with advanced thinking!

The audience of this channel really dig this kind of content where I show before and after graphic designs. This type of content really does show you how small changes can make a big impact to a design, be it typography alterations or a change with the actual design layout. In todays video I work on a landing page, a Spotify design and a landing page. But also I show some subscriber designs at the very end also.

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  1. Let me know if you dig this format of video where I talk about each small change and why I made it.
    Have a great Thursday fam 👍

  2. Wow I have missed a lot these past few weeks. But I must say that all the videos dating from the past weeks till this recent video are very educative. I would have loved to participate on those weekly design challenges 😊. Keep up the good work 👍

  3. I wish you also review mine I know it was bad but you can give feedback with whats wrong in it I am a beginner in design so that can be helpful for me

  4. I want to start to learn graphics. I want to know from scratch of this topic.please tell from where I should start to learn there are many videos I can't get to know from where I should start.

  5. could you share a link to download the fonts you used?

  6. The designs you selected are good but the leading could be tighter so that is gives the designs a more compact feel also expanding the use of hierarchy

  7. Spotify's color combinations are really painful to my eyes. I read in a comment that it's their brand identity and the revised version looks generic, but the revised was pleasing to look at. Applying Twitter's color says a lot to the revised version. It highlights that Spotify listens to their listeners.

  8. I didn't much like the Spotify redesign. I think the problem with the original design was that, the smaller text in orange colour wasn't legible. Just changing their colour to grey would have fixed it. But Spotify follows a theme of two colours for it's post, that's why the original one turned out like they did.

  9. The spotify redo is kind of meh, the green background is cool and creates a tension that is not totally jarring to the eyes and fits the kind of spotify design guidelines.

  10. I think you've made the Spotify one look worse 🙁

  11. Yeah very interesting vid. Thanks for making it, mate.

  12. It's really amazing how your videos made me improve, i was basically thinking what's wrong with the design and then you just corrected it exactly how i imagined it.

  13. If you wanna find bad design just look up brands in the Facebook Ad Library. You'd be surprised how much bad design you'll find

  14. Takes good design, breaks it down without having any knowledge about the brand and strategy behind the ad and worsened it.

  15. I personally believe the Spotify promo design was a step backwards for multiple reasons.

    I know you are teaching graphic design, but in the real world, graphic design must adhere to the rules set out by the identity design. In this case, Spotify is known for using pastel colors as backgrounds and vibrant-ish colors as foreground. Not to say that the combination of the pale green and orange works out very well as they are complementary colors.
    Another thing I personally find not so professional is the use of Twitter's brand color inside Spotify's ad. In this case, the twitter logo and tag were placed there as to indicate that the quote above is from a tweet. Not necessarily as a call to action, to push people into searching that user on twitter. Thus, we don't want to make it draw too much attention.
    Also, the original font I thing worked just a tad better, because it had very subtle rounded features, such as the commas that made it come across as friendlier, and that is kind of Spotify's brand.

    What I did like was the way you tried to make the design work better with the image, but I believe you went about it the wrong way. Instead of making white text on that pale background (Contrast problems appear. Yes, the orange is bad, but white is worse) you could have made the nails and phone orange in Photoshop. That's what I would have done, at least.

  16. no matter how good your design are, shitty client always gives an excuse by saying "boring", too many empty spaces

  17. 6:49 Do you really think that the second one is better than the first one? wtf? Specially talking in a brand coherence and brand design style, the first one is clearly better

  18. its not the design its bad its just what a clients want.

  19. Excellent video quality, loved it and left a big like 👍✌✨

  20. Hey Satori, loved the other designs but the Spotify just didn't slap for me. I think if you tried to combine the two, maybe you could end up with something interesting, anyways great content as always.

  21. hy can u make a video about video games UI , why some r great and some r terrible, and also what makes a game UI layout look good, like principles or rules… I am a game designer and i watch ur videos regularly, i think thr are many people like me who watches your videos , and it would be great if you make a video related to game UI

  22. 1000k likes for this kind of kind of info.

  23. Spotify logo maybe black

  24. thanx tom i like all videos but before and after series is really 👌🔥🔥🔥

  25. The 2nd design u recreated isn't that awesome, especially since the legibility of white wasn't there at all. To make it legible u had to use 4-5 colours which is overwhelming. I think what u could do is just darkening the background and use orange and white for the texts.

  26. I like the idea of giving us a design for us to recreate on our own, it helps w/ practicing more along w/ these improvement videos u do that give good insight on what to look for when making a design message impactful

  27. For me there should be more color in Spotify original ad but on the other hand I think that on yours there is too much.

  28. Hmm… To this day I thought that we use either one '! / ?' or three '!!!', seems like things are changing.

  29. To be honest, In 2nd design I prefer green, white, and black font colors =) Red doesn't match for in my opinion =D

  30. this is professional mate… love the way you share us your idea for improving a bad design…

  31. You are really a best mentor 🙂

  32. Another insightful video 👌 … By the way Xiaomi recently redesigned their logo, I would really love to hear what you think about it. 🤞

  33. What about a Spotify Logo redesign!

  34. Last one original is better!

  35. 6:50 Here instead of black I would use a dark green (same color as BG but less saturation and brightness)

  36. Thank you so much for your content. Really helpful!
    New person here on the field!
    Peace and love.

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