ДИЗАЙН: How to Use Fabulous DESIGN PAPER — 2 Modern Card Designs! 2021

Do you hoard design paper? I know I do but am trying not to…. https://lostinpaper.com/?p=29921
Today I have 2 easy card designs to encourage you to ‘Use it’, cause then you can buy more lol. This is part of a relase hop for @Altenew — Inspiring Paper Crafting Project Ideas and you can find the details for that at my blog
Happy Papercrafting!

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Happy Papercrafting!

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23 комментария
  1. I'm so happy the bird noises are back! I was worried that you'd gotten too many negative comments and cut them out.

    Also, I love the ideas for the patterned paper. I'm going to have to see what I have in my stash to try something similar

  2. I love your cards and I want the paper!

  3. Awesome cards, Therese! I love how you played with these papers and your fabulous Hello die 🙂
    I hoard patterned papers so much that I finally stopped buying them…well, at least until I use most of what I have ~ xx

  4. I don't know which card I love the best. They are both gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful cards, Terese! I hoard paper too😂

  6. Another beautiful card, Therese! I have also hoarded pattern paper…waiting for that perfect project to use it! And sometimes it's because the paper is so pretty I don't want to cut into it.

  7. Beautiful cards! I ummmm think I have some hoarded paper somewhere I could use for these techniques. Lol! I particularly love the 2nd card!

  8. Didn’t know that I needed that paper until I saw you use it! Beautiful cards as usual❤️

  9. What a GREAT idea to use the hoarded papers as a focal point. That way, I don't feel like I'm wasting it by covering it up behind layers! These 2 cards are beautiful

  10. Dramatic looks….now I’m thinking, should I try some of these papers? The colors are gorgeous! TFSharing, great video today. 💌

  11. Gorgeous cards and techniques…as always🌞 You keep using that 'hoarding' word…I must say I have no idea what you mean…I save paper and other supplies from languishing in stores…I am a hero😉🤣💖

  12. Beautiful paper and cards!

  13. I hoard my design paper also. Loved your card Therese. I really hope you had a lovely Easter and that you have gotten less rain. I hear people were flying out of Sydney, Melbourne for Easter your roads were backed up. Over here they don’t celebrate like uk or Australia it’s not a holiday weekend. I still can’t get use to it even after all these years lol. I hope you have a lovely week and take time for yourself with your fur babies & the things you enjoy . Till next time. Take care darling. Enjoy making cards. Put the kettle on and have a cup of tea ☕️. Wish I could join you. XX Big hug 🤗🤗🥰🥰

  14. Great idea to use white gel pen. Beautiful

  15. It's ridiculous but I really do hate to cut beautiful paper. 😐

  16. Both cards are great — the 'hello' card is SO striking — LOVE it!

  17. I hoard paper as always beautiful cards tfs

  18. Altenew has the most gorgeous patterned paper and you use it superbly! I've got some Altenew papers and have yet to use a sheet!

  19. Oh YES!! These are SIMPLE & FABULOUS cards!! You always BRING IT!! For sure, I have to get my hands on that Poured Acrylic Paper Pad. Those patterns are GORGEOUS! Sooo INSPIRED!! Arlene

  20. I hoard paper, dies, embellishments…really ALL the things!

  21. Therese, I had just wished [and suggested to a few of my friends] that I could write to Altenew to beg them to create a full pad of the water-y colored piece of patterned paper I used behind my carrots last week! Perhaps this was their answer? LOve the acrylic poured-look of these gorgeous papers. Leave it to you to find a fun way to allow them to be the 'star' of the card! Both gorgeous, my friend!! xx

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