ДИЗАЙН: Evil Races are Bad Game Design — Bioessentialism & Worldbuilding — Extra Credits 2021

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There’s been a spicy issue that’s come up a few times in the tabletop roleplaying community over the last few years: how do we handle evil races? Are they a vital part of the fantasy genre, imported from Tolkein’s works and therefore untouchable? Or should we reexamine the way that speculative fiction can sometimes just paint species and culture with the same broad brush? Well, we think that outside of any connection or implication of real-world situations, evil races are just… kind of bad and lazy game design.


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  1. That’s a lot of dislikes from people who refuse to acknowledge that the properties they love have problems

  2. That's why I like Elder Scrolls so much, normally evil fantasy races like Dark Elves and Orcs are just seen as normal people.

  3. What a garbage take. Fack sakes dude

  4. Xenomorphs. He friggin put forth XENOMORPHS as a example of an "all evil race". uhhh, dude, those things aren't a race, they're extremely aggressive, bioengineered predatory animals. this guy's argument just makes less and less sense as he talks.

  5. Um wtf? There are NO good races in Warhammer 40k. Everyone wants to kill each other because they are different then them. When I play a 40k game, I dont think about what if the Tau I am killing was nice, I think that he must die because his empire poses a threat to the imperium! You label all Orcs as an evil wardriven band of savages because that is exactly what they are! Smh stop creating problems where there are none.

  6. You just compared orcs to Africans when Tolkien himself based them off Genghis Khan's Mongol horde

  7. I wonder if this concept could be applied to real life groups, perhaps a certain army and group of politicians in 1930s and 40s germany 🤔

  8. Y la perra seguía y seguía

  9. I hope someone got fired that day

  10. The more you learn about 40k the more you realize that the imperium of men is just as f-up as other factions.

  11. Sooo… You guys are just stupid and racist then for feeling the need to try and make this video

  12. this is an early April fools day joke… right?

  13. You obviously never learned the history of orcs…THEY CHOSE TO FOLLOW GRUUMSH AS A PEOPLE…that's what makes them evil. God's you ppl know nothing about what you speak!

  14. Thanks for this well thought out analysis.

  15. What are you talking about? I give all asian characters in my games a bonus to mathematics.

  16. Okay think about this argument from the trope of planet of the hats. If Legolas was exactly like all the elves in Middle Earth, he wouldn’t have been interesting. If Zuko was exactly like Azula or Fire Lord Ozai, he wouldn’t have been interesting. Homogenizing an entire group of people is reductive and also boring. Y’all are way to focused on weather or not they depicted 40k accurately to see the bigger picture

  17. If you want a game where you have to meet somebody to find out if they're good or bad despite their origins may aswell go fucking outside and meet people instead of looking for anything to complain about on the internet.

  18. 40k orcs are based on english football hooligans. It's funny when people say they are lit'roly blacks and refuse to looks deeper.

  19. Wow, so many commenters that didn't watch/pay attention to the video.

  20. wowee look at that like/dislike ratio.
    If this is what the games industry thinks, maybe there's a reason games just arn't as good as they used to be.

  21. You guys are so racist! LOL! You're comparing orcs and goblins to minorities! Omfg you can't make this up! LOL! You went so far left you're on the FAR right! LOLOLOLOL!

  22. 0:51 what the HECK are you implying here!?

  23. Do you have nothing to do or talk about?

  24. Remember when this channel was good?

  25. Orcs are not races. Orcs are species. And different species, DO have different traits. Bears will eat you, ponies won't. Orcs will rip you to shreds, the elf might not. Anybody associating a fictional species, with a real race, and anyone who thinks that's reasonable, is the real problem here, not the game designers.

  26. I thought elves were the evil race in Skyrim.

  27. This is a great troll

    I really hope this is a great troll.

  28. I love you guys, but this lacks the intellectual rigor that I've come to expect from EC.
    Please don't interpret the pushback against this video as pushback against social justice or the encouragement of robust world-building. There's always a background noise of reactionism, but it's not the main culprit here.
    This is just a poorly reasoned video, that's all. I'm still a subscriber. I just want you guys to do better.

  29. Extra Credit: "Where are the good guys in 40k?"
    Me: "We don't do that here."

  30. i was subscribed to you guys for years but i finally have enogh of the bs you guys pull

  31. Its people like you that a ruining gaming.

  32. Extra credits is right. Playing Dragon Age games made me racist against Scandinavians,Celts and Greeks.

  33. Pretty racist of you to compare a fictional warmongering race to an actual ethnic group of people, no one who actually plays these games and enjoys them thinks "Oh yes these orcs sure to remind me of x people".

  34. "Some may question my right to destroy a world of 10 billion souls. But those that truly understand realise I have no right to let them live."

    "No sacrifice is too great."

    "No treachery too small."

  35. Movies do the same thing, why not make a video about that?

  36. "Why does China think the west is stupid?"
    The West:

  37. Used to love this channel for its history videos. Not anymore, You can shove my views up your ass.

  38. What a rage bait video 😀

  39. using 40K to make this argument is one of the most Dumb fucking decisions this channel has ever made

  40. Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you!
    what dumbass thought of this

  41. HEY, EXTRA CREDITS NARRATOR. The proper god damned pronounciation of the word "Malevolent" is "MAHL-EH-VOH-LENT" NOT "MAHN-EH-VEH-LENT" You absolute walking bruh moment.

  42. How far has Extra Credits fallen. Here, take the view. Good luck.

  43. Dm: ok so you come across a group of orcs raiding a village

    Ec: woa! I just thought of something… the orcs are smelly violent thieves…

    Dm: yeah, and?

    Ec: well, doesn’t that remind you of a certain group of people…

    Dm: …listen we need to talk, the rest of the party doesn’t feel comfortable
    around you anymore, please leave

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