МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ: We Gotta Move These Tablets! (King of Retail) 2021

King of Retail on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/968250/King_of_Retail/

This came from my stream on March 24th, 2021. Catch me live next time every day but Saturday: http://twitch.tv/Northernlion

King of Retail is a management/tycoon game where you own and open your own retail store, and manage things like inventory, staffing, and more. It’s unique and maybe a little janky, but it has a certain charm to it as well.

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  1. I hate how he drinks water off screen. It looks horrible. Like he is giving someone a blow.

  2. "It's ten in the morning it's a little early frankly" Me with a beer watching him at like 9am…

  3. lmao, so unfamiliar with beeple. He was making that shit before he sold the nft, check out all his buzz lightyear and Kim Jong un shit. 😂

  4. Honestly can't believe how much fun this is to watch. Is it like a train crash? Just can't look away? I just don't know.

  5. Repentance drops and this dude still playing King of Retail lmao

  6. Can't remember if markup is supposed to be 25% or 125% hmmmm

  7. I don't understand how somehow artists are expected to be environmentally conscious in minting NFTs, but there's bitcoin miners that essentially mint 10 NFTs a day in terms of environmental impact and nobody cares.

  8. I'm so invested in this store and I have no idea why. I think you did a great job of giving the characters personality.

  9. I really like this series.

  10. NFTs are not good for artists, people are stealing individuals work, slapping a number on it, and selling the number all without the artists permission.

    Also, it is super bad for the environment because of people running machines that build numbers all day.

  11. if a customer came along at 10am on a weekday and asked for help in choosing a single bottle of cheap beer i'd have the greatest internal struggle of whether to call his parents or the cops

  12. 5:50 Haywood mixing business and pleasure 😏

  13. NL: I don't like low tier Batman art, I don't understand why people are so fascinated with pop culture references.
    Also NL: 12 out of the last 20 movies I've watched have been MCU

  14. Smartest baby born.
    Pumpkin is absolute trash, and you're wrong to disagree

  15. Thanks for the company!

  16. 6:22 didn’t he just show off his crash bandicoot figure to his stream? It wasn’t even the right colour lol

  17. Did someone steal the sign again?

  18. too many employees and too many loans

  19. So much pog on every series. Content hot off the presses.

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